PowerLinx, Cenuco to Deploy Remote Security CCTV

TIERRA VERDE, Fla., April 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- PowerLinx, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: PWLX), the leader in power line communication products, announced today a comprehensive collaboration with Cenuco, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CNUO) of Boca Raton, Fla., to deploy the first integrated CCTV solution utilizing PowerLinx power line video transmission technologies and camera systems, combined with Cenuco's mobile software technology to transmit live CCTV video onto cellular phones, Pocket PC devices, and remote computers. With an estimated $39 billion global security and CCTV annual market, the PowerLinx and Cenuco combined offerings will be available for the residential, small to large enterprise, and Homeland Security/Government sectors.

As part of this relationship, PowerLinx has ordered 4,500 licenses of Cenuco's mobile remote video viewing software, which will be immediately inserted into the PowerLinx SecureView(TM) "Camera in a light bulb" systems. Distribution of this combined offering will include selected internet, catalog and direct response retailers. The Cenuco software package includes gateway access from anywhere in the world to view live video, unlimited off-site digital video recording (48 hour increments), and unlimited access to previously recorded video, for a monthly service fee of $19.95. PowerLinx will share in revenues derived from the monthly monitoring fees collected by Cenuco. The revenue sharing arrangement covers PowerLinx-Cenuco bundled products sold by either PowerLinx or Cenuco in their respective market segments.

PowerLinx holds numerous patents covering the ability to transmit video, audio, and data across existing internal residential and commercial power wiring. Any RCA, SVHS, or IP camera connected to a PowerLinx transmitter can be simply plugged into a standard power outlet, allowing for video reception via power line elsewhere in the facility. No additional camera wiring is necessary, and deployment takes only minutes.

Cenuco's patent pending wireless video technologies extend security CCTV system functionality by taking any PowerLinx video feed, and making it available for live viewing on standard cellular phones and Pocket PCs, as well as offsite personal computers, anywhere in the world.

"The collaboration between Cenuco and PowerLinx creates a totally unique CCTV system offering," stated George S. Bernardich III, PowerLinx's Chairman & CEO. "The result is a package where cameras utilizing PowerLinx technology can be rapidly deployed through existing power lines, combined with Cenuco's innovative mobile software which broadcasts secured video right onto your cell phone from wherever you are."

"PowerLinx is the perfect partner for Cenuco, and our combined systems will have distinct advantages in the marketplace," added Steven Bettinger, Founder and President of Cenuco. "PowerLinx is the 'first mile,' bringing video via power line to any termination point in a facility. Cenuco is the 'last mile,' transmitting that secure video to cell phone handsets, PDAs, and remote computers, anywhere."

About PowerLinx, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: PWLX)

PowerLinx, Inc., http://www.power-linx.com, develops, manufactures and markets, among other devices, products, and applications developed to transmit voice, video, audio and data either individually or any and all combinations over power lines, twisted pair wires and coax in AC and DC power environments, on any and all power grids. The Company has also developed, manufactured, and marketed different kinds of underwater video cameras, lights and accessories for the marine, commercial and consumer retail markets.

About Cenuco, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CNUO)

Founded in 1993, Cenuco, Inc., http://www.cenuco.com, is a pioneer in component- based, encrypted wireless remote video monitoring and data systems for the security, education, government, and retail markets. The Company specializes in the development and integration of next-generation wireless video and data technologies for specific industry, government, and individual consumer needs. Cenuco's technologies are patent pending, and are available through Federal GSA contract number GS-04F-0025N.

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