PowerArt? - Discreet Artwork Protection System
The PowerArt? wireless art protection system enables private collectors and galleries to secure individual artworks far more effectively and discreetly than ever before. PowerArt? offers reliable detection of vandalism and theft ? while providing the easy installation, flexibility and affordable pricing that small collections require. PowerArt? commands are intuitively learned and easily recalled, thanks to a unique graphic user interface with audible prompts in English, French, German or Spanish.

Visonic's PowerArt? is a high-performance wireless system comprised of a smart platform and miniature detectors that are attached to each piece in a collection. The system detects even extremely slight movement of an art piece, and is sophisticated enough to distinguish between three types of events. Slight displacement alarm as may be caused by someone touching the article or cutting the canvas, significant displacement alarm caused by an attempt to damage or to remove the article and removal alarm is reserved for attempts to entirely displace the piece.

In case an event is detected, the PowerArt? control system alerts local guards as well as monitoring stations, simultaneously transmitting digital and voice alerts to pre-programmed private telephones and/or pagers. To facilitate early response, PowerArt? transmits digital and voice messages that indicate the type and severity of the event. In addition, the system can automatically activate security lights, sound alarms, remote "listening in", and two-way voice communication.

Easily installed behind paintings and below sculptures, Visonic's inconspicuous light miniature detectors in no way compromise viewers' experience of the work. PowerArt? users can easily install the detectors on each artwork, and detach them equally easily to move the pieces or renew an exhibition. Eliminating the need for costly and inconvenient infrastructure, PowerArt? systems enable the smallest and most dynamic collections to implement at an affordable price, discreet high-performance security solutions that have so far been reserved for much larger institutions.

PowerArt? Features:

An inconspicuous sensor for each artwork ? easily installed on walls or artworks.

Instantly deployed wireless solution requiring no new infrastructure or wiring.

Easy repositioning of exhibits.

Superior detection of attempted theft and damage.

Several alarm severity levels (slight, significant and complete).

Unsurpassed false alarm immunity.

PowerCode? smart anti-collision technology supports multiple simultaneous transmissions to the same control panel.

Event location for fast response and high interception rate.

Event reporting to local stuff and monitoring stations with digital/voice message.

Cost-effective even for the smallest collections.

Intuitive graphic and audible user interface.

Available in English, French, German or Spanish.

Fast and easy installation with no mess.

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