Power Alert, the Power Failure Alarm provides critical warnings to users during Power Blackouts
During the largest power system failure in history, over 50 million people were without power to their homes and businesses. People were unable to travel home from their workplaces, or to get to work for long periods of time. For many it was impossible to determine how long the power was out in their homes and businesses. Losses of perishable goods will run into the millions of dollars, and possible health risks of using improperly refrigerated foods has caused concern for many people and public heath officials.

Users of the Power Alert, Power Failure Alarm, were alerted when the power failed, and could see immediately, how long the power was out at their location. Additionally products plugged into the Power Alert were protected from power surges and spikes as the system was restarted.

The Power Alert is a Power Loss / Power Failure warning device that uses a loud (120 db.) alarm to alert users of power failure, an LED timer to record the length of the outage, and has an integrated surge suppressor to protect delicate electronic equipment against power spikes and surges.

Power Loss can occur on a large scale, such as the recent Power Blackout in the Northeast and Midwest or a small scale, down to a single device with a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, or faulted GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).

Power loss can have many causes; it can be from mechanical failure, operator error, system overload, natural disasters, and even man-made disasters.

In today's electrically powered world with the thousands of critically important electrical products and devices, knowing if, when, and for how long the power is off is vital to personal and employee safety as well as the protection of property.

If you have a sump pump, freezer, refrigerator, cordless or electronic telephones, fax machine, security system, medical device, heating/cooling units, computer, home theatre, stereo system, recreational vehicle, boat, second home, or any of hundreds of critical electrical products you need a Power Alert.

Power Alert's 120 db alarm sounds for 20 minutes when the power fails, then once every 20 seconds for up to 7 days (depending on battery condition). The alarm has a manual reset button.

A large face LED Timer records the length of the outage. The timer is cumulative, so that if the power goes off and on several times, you get the total length of the outage. The timer has manual rest button on the front of the unit.

Power Alert has an integrated surge suppressor with resetable circuit breaker provides protection against power spikes and surges.

The unit also has a power on indicator, a power off indicator, and a built-in low battery warning alarm.

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