PlayStation PSP System - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: PSP1001K
: Number of User Reviews: 26

Reviewed by: galvatron2k1 from OH on May 12, 2005

Experience: 2 Years

Strengths: Powerful system, huge screen, awesome graphics, multifunctional

Weaknesses: Fragile, expensive, stuck pixels if you get them!

Summary: On March 24, 2005, Sony entered the handheld gaming market in the United States with the release of the Playstation Portable (PSP). Considered the answer to Nintendo¡¯s lineage of Gameboy/DS systems, the PSP¡¯s multifunctional capabilities rival other industry leader¡¯s devices, such as Apple¡¯s Ipod and portable DVD players. Overall, this new device is a must buy for the people that can afford the hefty price tag.

Initially, Sony¡¯s initial release of the PSP hardware is being sold as a Value Package. This package includes: the PSP system, a 32MB memory stick, battery pack, AC Adapter, headphones with remote control, a UMD* (Universal Media Disc) sampler, soft case, cleaning cloth, and wrist strap. The UMD is a proprietary media format created by Sony to function as the software for the PSP and other upcoming devices. It can hold 1.8 GB (gigabytes) of data and is approximately the size of a mini cd. Also, the first one million value packages include the Spiderman 2 movie on UMD. The package includes most of the accessories you need to get started.

The 4.3 inch LCD (liquid crystal display) screen is the instant ¡°wow¡± factor of the unit and will be the first thing that you notice when you turn the device on. The screen is vibrant, clear, and bright and is very impressive when compared to other handheld consoles; displaying a 480x272 native pixel resolution in 16:9 widescreen format, and is also capable of showcasing 16.8 million colors. I cannot say enough about the screen, it is simply phenomenal.

However, the screen is left exposed and is subject to scratches and fingerprints. Since this is the main component of the system, it is surprising that Sony did not include with the value package something to protect it. Although screen protector accessories can be purchased separately by other third party companies (highly recommended), it should have been an essential accessory packaged in with the value pack.

What separates the PSP from other handheld gaming devices are its multifunction capabilities. Sony states that this is more than just a gaming device and it certainly shows as the PSP packs other useful features that rival other portable electronic devices.

For starters, the PSP has the capabilities to store images in .jpeg format on the memory stick and display them on the screen (up to the PSP¡¯s native resolution) using a computer and a USB cable (not included). Personally, I think this feature is great. I store pictures of my newborn baby on the memory stick and display them on my PSP. Not only do I get to show off my child, but it often sparks conversation with the new device as well. However, actually formatting the pictures to get them to display on the PSP is not a simple process. Unfortunately, Sony did not include software that would format the pictures for you (let¡¯s hope for an update soon). But, there are a variety of shareware programs on the internet that will format the files for you, but these are not supported by Sony.

The PSP offers video playback from its UMD movies, but also has the capability of playing mpeg-4 video files (which also need to be formatted and transferred from your PC). The picture quality of Spiderman 2 (for example) on UMD was excellent. It plays just like my DVD version at home, except on the UMD for the PSP. There were no signs of slowdown during the intense action scenes or any audio dropouts and distortions. The UMD itself was not very loud while spinning in the tray, but you could hear the disc spinning and loading during parts of the movie.

On the other hand, the PSP¡¯s playback of mpeg-4 video is not as good as the UMD movies, but certainly gets the job done. In order to view these mpeg-4 movies on the PSP, you need to format them from your computer. They can then be transferred from the PC to the PSP via a USB cable. Unfortunately, Sony did not include software to convert video into the mpeg-4 format, but the instruction manual describes the steps needed to convert the files and transfer them. There are also a number of shareware programs available on the internet that will convert the files for you, but Sony does not support these websites. For each of the features described above (except for the UMD movie playback), you may consider using a larger memory stick to store these files that may not fit on the standard 32mb memory stick included with the value package.

Reviewed by: BrandonJ33 from VA on May 10, 2005

Experience: 1 Month

Strengths: Its wide screen is bright and vivid. Four face buttons and two shoulder buttons make games control just like PS1 and PS2 games.

Weaknesses: Design leaves it prone to scratching (invest in a screen protector) Volume, start, and select buttons are a bit tricky to access during game sessions, especially in low light.

Summary: The PSP is a wonderful machine that delivers console-quality graphics and playability in a portable size. It's pricey at $250, but its features (ability to play music, games, videos - and interconnectivy with PC's via USB) make it worth the hefty price tag.

Reviewed by: Gamer411 from NY on Mar 26, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Graphics,Games,and accesories in Bundle Pack

Weaknesses: Somewhat difficult to get video on to memory stick duo. Very fragile system. Price is high and battery life is low.

Summary: I got my psp as soon as I could at a local store for $300 with a game + tax and have been playing games and loading photos,music and video on to it. Transfering video onto the memory stick duo is tricky. Transfering video is the most difficult since you need to create a special folder in the root directory. You can only put video into this folder if you convert it into MPEG-4. I did some browsing on the internet and found out how to do this. It would have been nice of sony to provide software that converts your video to MPEG-4. My psp also came with about 8 dead pixels which is a dissapointment but is mostly unnoticeable since there are almost 17 million pixels crammed on the 4.3 inch screen. The screen on Sony's new system is also easily scratched and the PSP itself is very fragile. I would suggest a shock and screen protector. If you are looking to put music,photos and movies on your PSP you should buy another memory stick duo. There are also many great aspects of the PSP. It delivers stunning graphics for games and movies alike. This system plays UMD discs for Games,Movies and Music. Although I don't think there will be music on UMD discs besides the sample disc Sony gives you. The accesories that were provided in the bundle pack are great: psp,memory stick duo (32mb), headphones and remote (similar to the apple ipods remote and headphones),Ac adaptor with power cord, wrist strap, pouch,cleaning cloth,UMD sampler and, if you are one of the first million people to buy the PSP, you get a UMD version of Spider Man 2 the movie. Other UMD videos are expected to be released on April 19. The PSP also has wireless capabilities with multiple PSP's. You can also play games with other PSP gamers on the internet via usb cable. (I have not used the wireless or internet capabilities yet. Everything else has been tested by me) Overall the PSP tackles games,music and photos very well. I have heard sony may come out with a camera attachment and will most likely improve the PSP further. I would suggest this system to any gamer and portable media fanatic who is willing to drop $300 and maintain this fragile system.

Reviewed by: Spoon_Si from MI on Apr 18, 2005

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Large Bright Wide Screen Display! Nice looking HandHeld! Super Slick Design! Impressive Feature & Games!

Weaknesses: Worthless pack-in items from Value Package! Weak battery play! Lots of defect w/ 1st Shippment!

Summary: PSP! PSP! PSP! I been quit hype up bout this item for the debut last year at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and so Far this NEW Handheld Console has lived up to my expectation. But it is not perfect but no means. So I'll break it up from the Pros & Cons.

Pros: The WOW Factor! yes it's Hot, when you 1st hold this thing in your hand you'll instantly fall in Love! it Nice & slick design, like as said " The walkman of 2000". The system has a super large wide screen display with adjustable brightness. The games are impressive & graphic are clean and sharp. but my no means better then PS2 games. It is able to play uploaded Mp3 & movie from your memory card & also view your pictures. It has Wi-FI for online play & tons of other feature to list.

Cons: Well for one thing it's a sony product, so expect there to be defect on the 1st gen models, and I had my fair share with this one. I went through 3 PSP system, that's right 3! Because the 1st 2 had whats called a dead pixel problem. It's a few red dots on that only lited up red when system is turned on. Another is the worthless value package. Memory card is too small, case sucks, ear phone is cheap, and who doesn't have spiderman 2 on DVD already? I have repalce most these item with 3rd party acessory.Screen also tends to scratch very easy. Battry time is pretty bad when compared to Nintendo DS times, I have clocked around 2-4 hours of use. and as low as 1 hr. & 48 Mins. It will depends on yours times will depend on your Screen brightness, vol. level, and your PSP game types. & $249 price tag + Taxes plus 1 game. expect to shell over $315. want a better case & memory card. $500 isn't too far away.

Overall: It's not a bad investment, I don't recommend this for kids, Pricey, there should be just a basic package. *** 4 Outta 5 STARS ***

Reviewed by: purevim on Apr 10, 2005

Experience: 17 Days

Strengths: -Has a ton of great games already out (Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, Lumines, Untold Legends) -In addition to being a Video Game Console, it also plays UMD movies and you can also use it as an MP3 player.

Weaknesses: - Memory Cards are expensive - Can only play proprietary UMD movies - Screen gets smudges too easily

Summary: The PSP as a portable video game console is hands down the best ever produced since the original Nintendo Game Boy. The games are graphically equivalent to the PS2 and beats the Nintendo DS in its collection of awesome video games as well as graphics and "sleekness." The PSP is the Apple IPOD of Portable Video Game consoles.

With that being said do not think of this as a movie or mp3 player. The UMD (Universal Media Disc) movies have to be bought separately for ~13+ dollars each and can only be played on the PSP. Also, in order to store music you would need a Memory Stick Pro DUO card, at least 512mb, which cost more than $50. The 1 gb DUO cards are scarce and cost $100+. So this is not an IPOD replacement. THose are just additional features you can utilize once in a while. Its not meant to be used as an mp3 or Video player.

The PSP, strictly seen as a protable video game console, is the best ever made and is worth every penny. ($250) Games are slightly expensive, but not more than what other consoles charge ($40 -$50).

Bottom Line: Pick up a Sony PSP Today! You Won't Regret IT!!!

Reviewed by: ixcafe from CA on Mar 31, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Slick; Stunning LCD; WiFi, MP3 & Video playback, and Picture viewer; Removable Battery

Weaknesses: Multimedia functionality is half-baked, especially for video; you need to supply your own software and expensive memory cards.

Summary: PlayStation Portable, one of the most anticipated gadget in recent history. PSP largely delivers on its remarkable promise of bringing a PlayStation 2-like gaming experience to a handheld gaming platform with built-in wireless capabilities, all at a relatively reasonable price.

It also doesn't hurt that the PSP can do other tricks, such as play video and music as well as display images.

So while the Sony PSP largely lives up to the hype as a portable gaming device, it still needs some work before it fulfills its potential as an all-in-one portable entertainment unit.

But way to go, Sony, a real ipod killer is near on the horizon!!!

Reviewed by: FFMooglestar from CA on Mar 29, 2005

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Amazing Screen Size, Graphics are beautiful, Vibrant Colors.

Weaknesses: Battery Life, Some Units Have Dead Pixels, Sound is a little weak.

Summary: The PSP is truly an amazing machine. I bought it at a chain store at launch. The first unit I got had dead pixels but I got a better one upon return. The screen on this thing is really massive, I love how large and bright it is. With the ability to throw music and vidoes on to a memory stick and play it via the psp is really cool. MP3, DVD, and Game Machine on the go. The battery life is a little weak, but with a Pelican Power Brick that issue isn't too bad. The sound isn't great but what can you really expect from that small of a system, just throw on some headphones and you're golden. If you are don't have one pick one up ASAP or wait til they sell a system only package. The Value Pack was overpriced and really didn't come with anything cool.

Reviewed by: nunci8 from TX on Mar 26, 2005

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: This product has outstanding graphics. I have Ridge Racers and Metal Gear Acid so far and the system runs awesome. I am extremely impressed with the unit.

Weaknesses: The system is not very ergonomic. I have noticed my hands start to hurt after only a few minutes of play. I think that the issue will probably go away once I get used to the feel of the thing.

Summary: Over all I think Sony has really out done the competition. I was able to encode some movies and play them back from the memory stick. Getting movies on here is not the easiest thing ever. You will have to some reading online to get it right. Sony really needs to come out with software for this ASAP. I know they have in Japan but I am not sure how well it works yet.

Reviewed by: joshyf89 on Mar 25, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Widescreen capable of displaying 17 million colors, great graphics, great games, and it looks really sleek.

Weaknesses: Loading times can get kind of annoying.

Summary: The Sony PSP is really a great portable gaming system. I think that if you are deciding whether you should get the PSP or the Nintendo DS, you should consider age. If you are buying the product for a person that is at high school age or above, you should get the PSP. If you are buying it for a younger person, choose the DS. I think that the PSP is truly the greatest gaming device out there on the market. If you can, GET IT!!!!

Reviewed by: robsf23 from CA on Apr 21, 2005

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: sharp lcd screen; nice graphics; game play is smooth; built in analog stick

Weaknesses: must use proprietary memory stick duo for storage; a pain to convert movies to PSP movie format; cannot use music with photo slideshow; screen easy to scratch; expensive games; high cost of ownership

Summary: This is my second hand held video game player (I had the GBA) and I can say this is the BEST gaming portable out there! In fact, I sold my GBA. The graphics are awesome! The buttons and analog stick are placed well. The shoulder buttons are also easy to access. Sometimes when transporting it, the UMD slot opens up. It's advisable to buy a protective case to prevent this from happening and also to protect it. Also the screen looks like it can be scratched easily. Also get a screen protector to cover it.As much as I love this thing, the cost of ownership is high! The games and accessories can add up to another $100-$150 easily. So you can spend - like me - almost $400 for 2 games and some accessories. I could have gotten an XBOX, PS2, and some games for that much, but then they are not portable like the PSP.

Downloading photos, music, and movies are easy and fast via USB2 cable. My pc detected the PSP as another storage device and assigned a drive letter automatically. Only thing, you must turn ON the PSP in order to be detected. This can use up some of you battery while downloading/uploading. Converting my movies to PSP compliant movie format was a pain. I'm sure you have seen the instructions on the web. Also the movies must be compressed to fit on the MSD. So the quality suffers a little. It's a compromise between quality and storage space.

Overall, it's a fun portable to have. I'm hoping SOny updates its firmware so the PSP can have more flexibility with the music with the slideshow and maybe using an external USB HD as an alternative storage device (instead of UMD or MSD).

Reviewed by: zoglog from CA on Mar 30, 2005

Experience: 6 Days

Strengths: Decently Made, Unprecedented style, great array of launch games, very clear 4"+ widescreen, Amazing graphics for a handheld,Analog Control,WiFi,Versatile gaming/entertainment system, Free Spiderman 2

Weaknesses: Shoddy first release (Too many pixel defects/unit/person), Overpriced "Value Pack" First Release, Not full analog, Proprietary memory format (Memory Stick Duo Pro), Exposed Screen

Summary: For the longest time Nintendo has held the title of champion over the handheld console gaming industry. But no longer, the Sony PSP presents itself as Nintendo's biggest threat and in my opinion has the ability to overthrow Nintendo's rule over the handheld market just like they did with the home console market. The PSP, like just about all Sony first console hardware releases, has found itself littered with various defect problems. My own PSP unit has 4+ dead pixels or dust trapped between the screen and the cover. However during gameplay these defects aren't too apparent so they don't affect me too much. On another level it is not acceptable in my opinion to have such defects with such a high priced item (with a high frequency too; I went through 3 PSPs, all had dead pixels) but like I said it doesn't really affect gameplay at all. During games I don't even notice them at all. Now the biggest initial appeal for me was the huge library of games available upon launch and they did not disappoint at all. out of all the launch title I ended up buying 5, and all of them are good to decent on my scale. I'd even be bold enough to say that this has had the best launch lineup of any console I've ever seen released. The inclusion of Wifi gaming with the ability to go online through hotspots just sweetened up the deal. Playing games wirelessly through Ad-Hoc wifi has been relatively flawless with all 5 games that I own. So bottom line in terms of gaming, the PSP is the best recent handheld out there. In terms of style the PSP is unmatched. the Gameboy SP and DS both look like children's toys next to it. As an adult who plays games I often found it almost embarrassing to play the DS or SP in public. However with the PSP this is no longer the case. When people see the PSP they usually respond by saying how neat it is. In terms of design the PSP is definitely number 1 in the handheld market. In addition to all the gaming and style you also get the ability to play movies, mp3s and pictures on the device. Though the whole process is rather rough at the moment and limited it's still leaps and bounds above anything out right now. It's definitely not going to replace my Ipod at the gym, but for some people who don't have an ipod, it will give them a chance to use it for these 2ndary functions. One of my biggest complaints (though it is to be expected) is the use of the proprietary Memory Stick Duo's instead of Secure Digital Cards for memory storage. Of course this is obvious and it is Sony's product but I would really like to see the price of the Pro Duos to drop a significant amount. At this point in time the avg price for a 1GB pro duo I see is around 110+ dollars whereas you can get an SD card of similar size and storage space for 40+. In terms of controls my only complaint would be that the analog nub is not as responsive or easy to use as the full analog stick in racing games. It seems to work fine for untold legends and other types of gaming however. The load times for some of the games are a bit long (ie untold legends) but so far for other games there seems to be no real problem. The avg battery life for me has been around 3-4 hours which is perfectly fine for me since It is just a handheld and I'm never really playing it for anytime longer than that before I get it charged again. All in all I owned a DS before I bought this PSP and needless to say I sold my DS out of dissapointment (no game library and touchscreen became a gimmick). Sure the DS has less loading times and longer battery life, but let me just say I would rather play any game on a PSP for 2 hours rather than any game on the DS for 10 hours.

Reviewed by: sfinley from VA on Apr 9, 2005

Experience: 8 Days

Strengths: The graphics are superb. The size of course. I am waiting for more games and moves to start appearing. This little unit does just about anything! It truly is a playstation portable.

Weaknesses: The joystick is a bit close to the bottom edge of the unit. The soft case is a joke, please buy a better case.

Summary: Over all this is great system if you have the money to spend. I was really impressed with graphics. The UMD disks are impressive, I liked the way they are in their own case to prevent scratching. I would recommend getting a bigger memory stick, the 32mb one that comes with it won't last too long when you start saving games, music and the like.

Reviewed by: mrtwo from TX on Apr 4, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Bright screen, great graphics, great all around multimedia device!

Weaknesses: Hand cramps after extended play.

Summary: The PSP is everything I thought it would be and more! I am glad Sony decided to include WIFI built in as it will make head to head very nice and updating PSP easy. So far I have only one game, Need for Speed Underground Rivals, and the graphics and gameplay are amazing! I can't wait until there are more utilities to work with transferring pictures, movies, and mp3's to the PSP. Currently it is possible to do so, but you have to make certain directories and in some cases, name your files a specific name. I have successfully cropped some photos, I believe it was 480 x 272 and they fit perfectly on the screen. I would highly recommend at least buying a screen protector as an accessory since you could scratch your screen up pretty quickly. I wound up buying the Pelican PSP Starter Kit Plus which came with a great case, screen protector, battery extender, umd covers, car charger, etc... Pretty much anything you would need is in this pack.

This is the first portable device I have ever seen that has taken console quality games and put them in the palms of your hands!

Reviewed by: BARKLEY0100 from PA on May 8, 2005

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Graphics,games,screen size,online mode,music,movies...

Weaknesses: Cost,battery life,very fragile, screen smuges to easily.

Summary: The PSP is the best handheld ever made. Right on launch a whole bunch of great games were out. I would definetly have it over the DS. You can listen to music, download pictures, watch movies and go online.

Reviewed by: mistamoo on Apr 26, 2005

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Very very hot graphics

Weaknesses: dead pixels and battery life is not that long

Summary: The Sony psp is a hot item and a must get. it is very hot especially the graphics. however the games for the psp, well the good ones take forever to come out. and the 1 gig memory stick pro duo keeps getting delayed.

Reviewed by: sononkyo from CA on Mar 25, 2005

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Screen, Versatility (Games, Video, Audio), Design, Game Libary

Weaknesses: Battery Life, Expensive memory stick options as of today

Summary: The Sony PSP is a great game system that incorporates video and audio capabilities very well.

First and foremost, I bought this system as a portable gaming machine. The launch libary has great games already, compared to another next generation portable, the Nintendo DS. What is even more impressive is that the launch games effectively cover the whole genre--from sports-ActionRPG-puzzle-action-fighting-platform-racing. I feel that this is a great indication that it will uphold the playstation legacy of great 3rd party support.

Besides being a game system, the PSP does video very well. UMD movies like Spiderman 2 really come across as near DVD quality. The 4.3" 16:9 screen is absolutely gorgeous and is the centerpeice of a beautifully designed case. It definitely grabs your focal point once you have it in your hands. That potential surely bodes well for the multimedia capablities.

The capacity for growth in the gaming libary and the video capabilities makes it a relatively safe investment.

Reviewed by: catwoman2001 from CA on Mar 27, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: sleek industrial design, gorgerous LCD screen, powerful game console doubled as handheld picture, mp3, movie player

Weaknesses: short battery life, dead pixel, lack of game titles upon launch

Summary: The Sony PSP is a great handheld gaming console, one that could prove to be as revolutionary as the original Nintendo Gameboy was, not only because it¡¯s basically a handheld PlayStation 2 with powerful graphics, but because of all the other value-added features it comes with, namely the photo viewer, the audio player, and video player. The most amazing thing, hands-down about the PSP is the large 4.3-inch widescreen LCD, which is simply amazing to see in person, and at two hundred bucks retail, it¡¯s definitely a good value.

Reviewed by: duhang from CA on Mar 28, 2005


Strengths: large wide aspect screen 16:10, great for movie, mp3, and pictures replay even if you are bored with the games

Weaknesses: short battery life, screen is too easy to smudge, memory stick is too expensive, umd drive sounds absurd.

Summary: this is my 3rd games console from sony. previously both PS and PS2 offered excellent entertainment value and serious game play, and it appears PSP will do just the same in the future months to come.

Reviewed by: minkid817 from CA on Apr 4, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Nice design, a lot of cool features. Cool colors.

Weaknesses: Loads a little slow, battery life not long enouogh.

Summary: This product is great. I use it a lot. Comes in handy when you're bored or just sitting around. I like how I can view pictures and use it as an MP3 player or even watch movies.

Reviewed by: thunderx85 from NY on Apr 4, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Super Vivid Screen, Nice Graphics, Price affordable, Size is great, Wireless, Mp3 Player

Weaknesses: Battery Life only 5 hours, Very expensive duo me mory compared to sd, Needs better speakaers

Summary: This is one of the best portables around. It has WIFI and intergrated speakers. Not only is for games is for videos and can be used for MP3 player. This is like all in one device. The price is affordable and the quality is amazing.The only thing is that the memory stick duos are quite expensive. I would recommend this to others.

Reviewed by: joysmahal from VA on Apr 6, 2005

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Graphics, Versatility, Design, Comes w/everything except games.

Weaknesses: Average Battery life, easily attracts finger prints, tedious task converting DVD to MPEG4 format

Summary: I've had this system since it was released on 3/24/05 and the Sony PSP can do it ALL! The graphics are simply amazing, especially for a handheld. It is slim, but not quite pocketable to put in your front pocket. The design is very sexy and attractive.

The PSP is so versatile. It can view PHOTOS, play VIDEOS, MP3's, has Wi-Fi. It is a very good deal for $250.

One drawback about playing videos is that you need at LEAST a 512MB duo card. And converting the DVD is quite a cumbersome task.

Battery life is fair. About 5-6 hours of portable enjoyment.

I highly recommend the Sony PSP to anyone that loves video games. Also for someone looking for an all-in-one device that can play MP3's, VIDEOS, PHOTOS, and GAMES.

p.s. Watch out for Dead Pixels on the screen.

Reviewed by: gsavella from NM on Apr 5, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Groundbreaking technology, very portable, light and attractive, huge screen, built in wireless. Huge potential to do cool things on it. Complete package, comes with just about everything you need

Weaknesses: Dead pixels, no backlit volume, brightness and start buttons. Finish on screen is easily prone to scratches and scuffs.

Summary: When I was a little boy, the year the Nintendo Gameboy came out in 1989, I absolutely had to have it and then I got it for my birthday from my mom. It was the best, interchangeable cartridges and no permanent background scenery like those cheap Tiger Toys video games. GROUNDBREAKING ¨C not perfect but definitely ground breaking. Then came gameboy color, turbo express, Sega game gear, Atari Lynx, gameboy advance/SP and even the Nintendo DS. All nice but not groundbreaking ¨C less color.

Then the PSP comes along and the same feeling I got when I first received a gameboy all rushed back to me¡­and a complete package at that, (however, instead of a game, you get a full version spiderman 2 movie) none of this ¡°core¡± system, buy your own batteries and earphones stuff. I mean everything you really need is included in there, except the USB to PC interface (but if you have a sony camcorder or other Sony products, you could use the USB connection that came with them, I did). I mean, this is literally a playstation in your hands, excellent graphics, memory slot, analog controls, and disc media, it is truly groundbreaking ¨C first handheld that doesn¡¯t use cartridge. You can play head to head with other people via the built in wireless, gone are the days of lugging around a link (honestly, when you had a gameboy, did you ALWAYS have your link cable with you?).

It does a bunch of more things, not just gaming and watching movies. Go on the internet and you¡¯ll see people have found creative ways to utilize the potential of this system. One thing I was a little concerned with is the screen, it¡¯s huge¡­wow, but the finish is a bit sensitive that is real easy to get little nicks and scratches on your screen¡­definitely get a screen protector for it. Another kind of minor thing is the volume, brightness and start button are right underneath the screen and I have to play at night in bed (it¡¯s the only time I get a chance to) and you can¡¯t see these buttons, you have to feel around for them. Not a show stopper but I had to throw it out there.

By no means is this system perfect, (what new groundbreaking system is? Otherwise we would all still be playing our ¡°perfect¡± monochrome 1989 Gameboys) with dead pixels (I made 2 returns before I got one with a ¡°tolerable¡± dead pixel), weak batteries (it¡¯s not that bad¡­¡­really) and people are saying to wait. If someone told me to wait when the gameboy with the green and grey screen came out, I would have missed all those great gaming memories waiting for color¡­glad I didn¡¯t. There will always be something better coming out if you just wait, but that¡¯s the nature of technology no matter what. So go ahead and wait, and wait, and in the end, you would have waited and came out with nothing. Live in the ¡°now¡± man¡­.if you have the means and capability to get this system and you¡¯re just waiting, you need a good ¡°knock¡± of common sense to the noggin. Tomorrow¡¯s not promised and your circumstances can change, so go out and get this system if you¡¯re contemplating it and you think you want it. People really need to relax¡­.everyone is so uptight about this system, sony, screens, games¡­whatever and are forgetting what gaming is really about. Have fun, that¡¯s what this system is meant for and I think it¡¯s doing a pretty damn good job of it (see my Wipeout Pure review).

Reviewed by: bluevalley from MA on Apr 18, 2005


Strengths: very good game system. portable but powerful as much bigger console

Weaknesses: not find

Summary: I won't feel boring now wherever I go, even go shopping. I can just play nermous game on a a samll game system, but as good as those bigger guys

Reviewed by: finkid from TX on Apr 13, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: LCD display clarity; quick game play, good controls, fast boot up, battery life

Weaknesses: display surface, weight, price, availability of games

Summary: The LCD display is surprisingly clear, despite it's rather small size. As many will tell you, the glass surface is a magnet for fingerprints and is impossible to play in outdoor sunlight due to reflection. It is virtually a mirror in outdoors. Game play is normal and responsive. Battery life is excellent.

Although the size appears rather diminutive, it is relatively heavy and won't go unnoticed in your jack pocket due to its weight. It is only about 0.5 lbs, but it feels like an extremely heavy wallet. For now, game availability is limited and rather expensive until there are more games on the market. Plus, it is hard to find retailers with good stock, but that problem should be alleviated over time.

Overall, a great product with lots of potential.

Reviewed by: alkohoLiK from NY on Apr 14, 2005

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: Amazing grafix for such a tiny device. A lot of accessories bundled together. HUGE screen and great sound!

Weaknesses: Screen/system gets smudged very easily. Memory card included is worthless. Extra memory is expensive. No cables to transfer music to player. UMD movies are very expensive.

Summary: When I first powered on the PSP I was completely blown away by the HUGE screen, amazing grafix, vibrant colors, sound and overall design of the device. I purchased NFS Rivals and NBA and both games look GREAT. The built in WiFi is great...I can play online anywhere in my home as well as at other hotspots. The 32mb memory stick included is basically worthless and there is no software or cables included to transfer music,movies,pictures to the PSP. The new UMD movies are very expensive considering most of them cost more then DVDs. The PSP is kind of pricey...maybe a price tag of $199 would be more appropriate but overall it is worth it. Games are also expensive ranging from $40-$50, but the built in WiFi which enables online play is INCREDIBLE. Battery life is also average.

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