Pirelli - Centralized Security on a Global Scale

The Challenge

In 2000 Pirelli, a global provider of cables and tyres, sought to upgrade its video security system, which was not scalable enough to accommodate its growing global operations. Moreover, integration with its internal security system was becoming a major problem.

Pirelli was also having trouble keeping track of its total global inventory due to misplaced merchandise and losses; such problems can lead to inaccurate financial statements resulting in over and understated sales, misleading inventory numbers and miscalculated invoices.

Changing its video security system had become a priority and this time round, Pirelli decided it would side-step distributors and contact a manufacturer directly to see whether its requirements could be met.

The real challenge facing whoever would take on the job was to provide a centralized video security system that could control a multitude of remote sites, spread over a vast geographical area. Pirelli - headquarters in Milan, Italy - has plants in 24 countries covering all the five continents, therefore the system would be required to monitor, record and review plant information from a central location. Moreover, easy integration with the existing company Intranet was essential. The trickiest part would be to do this without causing disruption to day-to day operations.

The Solution

The scope of the project involved the installation of peripheral DigiEye systems in facilities around the world; all connected to the central terminal, a DigiEye Center, at Pirelli headquarters using the Intranet IP (via Router) and ISDN lines in the areas still not covered by the Intranet.

Pirelli primarily required full video and Dome camera control in order to monitor the comings and goings of merchandise. The DigiEye installed at the Milan headquarters was configured to provide full remote management as well as perform these functions:

- Multi-zone motion detection

- Automatic alarmed calls

- Live and recorded video transmission

- Remote playback

- Remote configuration

- Remote software upgrading

- I/O remote control

- Simultaneous streaming video transmission

- Web browser and P.C. access

All this of course, while providing the most reliable and highest quality protection available.

At last integration was no longer a problem in that DigiEye, thanks to SDK integration tools, is compatible with any software application making the question of disruptions to daily operations obsolete.


SYAC has delivered on its promise to get results and has succeeded in uniting the security of Pirelli's multinational corporate structure through a single operating centre. DigiEye has proven a valuable tool in helping Pirelli better manage its merchandise and serving as a deterrent against theft. Proof of Pirelli's faith in SYAC and the solution it has developed is evidenced by the fact that as Pirelli's global operations expand, so does SYAC's role as the key security solutions provider for the company.


Pirelli is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Milan, Italy. Pirelli focuses on three core businesses - Tyres, Energy Cables and Systems and Telecommunications Cables and Systems. Combined, they employ over 36,000 people and count 77 factories in 24 countries over all the five continents. In recent years, Pirelli has substantially increased its net income and sales making it one of the top 30 companies in Italy.

The Pirelli Tyre division is one of the top tyre companies in the world. Its MIRS (Modular Integrated Robotised System) has revolutionised tyre production by strategically locating its "mini-factories" in accordance with market demand. Compared to traditional tyre production -which takes six days - MIRS does it in six minutes. Pirelli Tyres employs more than 22,000 people in 22 countries.

The Energy Cables and Systems division employs over 11,000 people in 48 plants across 22 countries. With over ten percent of the market share, it is the largest power cable manufacturer in the world and the market leader of low/high voltage cables for underground, aerial and submarine use. Today, Pirelli is an industrial leader in turnkey projects for underwater links.

The Telecommunications Cables and System division is able to meet market demands with a wide range of solutions in the telecommunications field, from fiber optic cables to access gateways systems.


SYAC was founded in 1988 as a systems integration company focused on designing, developing and integrating complex turnkey systems. SYAC delivered its first digital surveillance systems in the early nineties before digital CCTV was even considered by those in the security industry. DigiEye was the first fully integrated digital video management system and remains, thanks to continuous upgrading, the most innovative and simple to use system today.

Today, SYAC is a world leader in the development and production of Networked CCTV Management Systems with a reputation for ultra-reliable, high-performance products, its commitment to developing advanced technology security solutions and excellent customer service and support program. Its products have been successfully deployed in stores, banks, educational, industrial and governmental facilities, airports and event venues all over the globe.

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