Pinhole Camera - B&W CCD
Create your own spy camera or use this as a stand alone camera for just about any situation imaginable.

High Quality Pinhole Camera

430 lines of resolution, .05 lux and tiny 20mm X 20mm metal case make this a great general purpose camera. Powered by 9-12 VDC. Includes mounting bracket and 3.6mm conical pinhole lens.

We sell tons of these to private investigators and police departments around the nation for several reasons:

1) Price - The price of these little pinhole cameras can't be beat.

2) Quality - Professionals need the best quality for viewing in court. If you can't see a clear image of the suspect then you can't get a good conviction.

3) Size - The conical pinhole lens of this camera can be placed just about anywhere. From headrests to baseball caps and everything in between.

Designed to work with any standard camcorder, TV, or VCR with RCA type inputs. That means you can use this camera right out of the box with no special equipment or tools. Simply attach it to your video device, plug in your power supply and you're done. It's that easy.

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