Photo ID and Video Imaging
Photo ID and Video Imaging

Oct 1, 1997 12:00 PM

An anti-counterfeiting system is a feature of the Magicard Sprinter Flip from Ultra Electronics Card Systems, Redmond, Wash. With the Ultra Secure key connected to the printer, a daylight-visible security logo is printed across the face of the card using standard Magicard dye film. The printer can print on both sides of a card and is supplied with a Windows driver that is compatible with most types of personal computers and workstations, says Ultra Electronics. An ECP/EEP high-speed parallel port protocol reduces de-spool and download time. The printer can handle any PC-generated image, printing text, graphics, logos and near-photographic portraits on PVC cards, says the company. Also included is a RISC processor and four megabytes of image memory. As an option, a mag stripe encoder can be added.

The DP300H color ID card printer has increased capabilities in a smaller package, according to maker Hitachi Home Electronics Inc., Norcross, Ga. The printer provides a resolution of 300x300 dpi and 256-color capability. With the flip of a lever, the DP300H can print on thin paper for business cards or on PVC for photo ID cards. Cards can be produced in 30 seconds, and a double memory buffer supports more than one card field memory, says Hitachi. The size of the printer has been reduced from previous models and is now 9.77 inches high, 15.08 inches wide and 11.34 inches deep, and the weight has been trimmed by almost 50 percent to 31 pounds. The new printer will be available December 1997.

The ID-100 series of cameras from Polaroid, Bedford, Mass., has expanded to include a camera system designed to produce up to four portraits at a time for composite ID cards or documents requiring photo IDs. The ID-104 camera comes with a built-in flash, uses no special viewfinders or supplementary lights and can take more than 400 flash photographs with an optional, rechargeable battery pack. A built-in aiming light helps compose pictures, and the camera has an electronic display panel to guide novice users through operation. A camera stand is included. The ID-104 comes in Econo and Deluxe versions. Both feature a liquid crystal display for user information and to adjust setting in the Deluxe model.

A digital camera captures an image remotely for a photo ID card printer at a central site. The Remote Digital Camera from Data-Card, Minneapolis, can be combined with a PCMCIA memory card, card reader, tripod, backdrop, carrying case and QuikWorks remote photo manager software for a complete package. Digital images are captured and stored on the memory cards and then downloaded to a photo ID card printer. The company also offers the DataCard Digital Camera, which is also portable. To produce photo ID cards, frame the image and click a mouse, says DataCard. And the company has introduced a camera with automatic focus, zoom and panning features, the Auto-2000. The camera can be controlled with a mouse and features a flash.

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