Pelco LL27 Series Infrared Illuminator
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Pelco?s LL27 Series infrared illuminator is designed to be used with low light level cameras with sensitivity in the IR spectrum (above 700 nm) for nighttime surveillance when a minimum of visible illumination is required. An IR ?covert? filter transmits approximately 0.01 percent of the visible light spectrum. Automatic on/off operations are controlled by a photocell with a time delay feature that prevents the unit from being switched off by a momentary beam of light such as that from a headlight. This rugged weatherproof unit is equipped with a built-in sun visor, quick-release latches for ease of service, and sturdy mounting cradle.

Three models are available; the LL27MF with medium flood lamp, the LL27WF with wide flood lamp, and the LL27NS with narrow spot lamp for maximum distance coverage. All models are equipped with a highly efficient PAR56 sealed-beam lamp that provides an optimally uniform field of illumination, making the illuminator effective with shorter focal length lenses.

To ensure longer bulb life, all models are equipped with a built-in blower.

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