Panasonic WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit
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Panasonic WJ-MP204C Data Multiplexer Unit

The Panasonic WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit, which replaces the WJ-MP204, enables communicated with the optional WV-CU360C System Controller or the WJ-FS309/WJ-FS316 Video Multiplexers via Panasonic Security Data (PS. data) Link mode or camera communication mode, enables remote control of Panasonic Unitized Dome cameras.

Key Features

The WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit enables the following key functions.
? Select the channel of camera
? Alarm reset/Alarm suspend
? Setup communication and system mode

Remote control of the camera by Panasonic Security Data (P.S Data) Link mode with the System Controller WV-CU360C.
? Remote control of camera settings.
? Remote control of Pan/Tilt Head and Camera Housing (Wiper, Defroster, and etc.)
? Remote control of motorized zoom lens: focus, zoom, iris and etc.
? Remote control of the Video Multiplexers WJ-FS309/WJ-FS316.
? Setup the WJ-MP204C Data Multiplex Unit and cameras.

Camera spot function
The picture appears on the monitor that is selected by the WJ-MP204C or the WV-CU360C.

Alarm function
? Enables detect preset motion of the camera and when receive the alarm, and it appears on the monitor.
? Alarm signal enable notice from alarm/remote connector to external devices.
? Alarm from multiplexed VS/VD signal.
? Alarm from external devices.

Spec Sheet in PDF format

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