Pan/Tilt IP Color Camera Fits in Your Budget
  • Keep track of loved ones from anywhere in the world you can access the Web
  • See your home over the Web and control the camera angle remotely
  • Monitor multiple locations at once
  • No PC at the camera site is required
  • Now available in wireless and hardwired versions You gotta love pan/tilt IP cameras. Not only can you check on your home over the Web, you can even remotely change the camera angle all without a PC at the camera site! The only problem is that cameras like these usually cost $400 or more ... until we came across the Veo Observer line of cameras that starts at just under $300!

    Capture Video and Audio
    With Veo Observer IP cameras, you can now keep track of your loved ones, belongings or business from anywhere in the world you can access the Web. The cameras capture audio/video clips and digital snapshots. Live audio can be captured via internal or external microphones. These feature-rich cameras allow for built-in tilt and pan control from remote locations and can be set to automatically send e-mail alerts with attached snapshots when motion is detected via an external motion sensor (sold separately). CCD sensors ensure good quality images to be captured, even in low light.

    Easy Connection and Access
    These high-quality cameras are Ethernet-ready, easy to set up and access in minutes, enabling real-time video and image capturing. Just plug one into any Ethernet connection, and you're ready to see and hear what's happening when you're not there! Accessing the cameras is as simple as surfing the Web. Just point your browser to the cameras' onboard home page. You'll find everything you need to view, listen to, and control the camera from anywhere on your network or even over the Internet for total peace of mind when you're away. Manufacturer's part number V700000.

    Now Available in a Wireless Version
    Break free from the constraints of wires with a camera with the WiFi-ready Wireless Veo Observer (#7539W) that sends signals to any WiFi 802.11b wireless access point. The only wire needed is the one connecting the camera to a power outlet! Manufacturer's part number V710000.

    Includes Software
    Each Observer camera comes with all the software you need to keep track of loved ones and belongings from anywhere, any time. With the software, you'll be able to control the camera's pan/tilt features, so you can keep your eye on the action. You can even save and e-mail images great for sending pictures of the baby to grandma and grandpa.

    Expandable for a Complete Whole-House Observation System
    Want a system that monitors more than one room? No problem! The Veo Observer system is expandable to four total cameras (hardwired or wireless). A split screen allows you to monitor the cameras simultaneously. The software keeps a list of your cameras and lets you view full-screen versions of any camera with a single click.

    Other features include:

    • Built-in web server that allows access by standard Internet browser

    • LCD IP address display to make setup and access quick and easy

    • Motion sensor attachment to trigger e-mail alerts (Using optional accessory #7539PIR, sold below.)

    • Internal microphone to capture live audio

    • Built-in tilt and pan control to follow the action

    • On-off button and status indicator to help ensure privacy

    • VGA CCD sensor for low-light sensitivity

    • 24 bit color digital output; Auto exposure, gain and white balance

    Complete Package Contents
    Each Veo Observer camera comes with a bracket and screws for optional wall-mounting, a 15' Ethernet cable (#7539 only), a user guide and Observer software CD.


    Digital output, 24 bit color
    VGA CCD sensor
    Size 640 x 480 (VGA), 320 x 240, 160 x 120
    On-chip MJPEG compression for faster video
    Auto exposure, gain, and white balance
    1 lux sensitivity

    Network ready, IP addressable (no PCreq'd.)
    Pan-tilt with remote control (120 pan/60 tilt)
    Built-in web server allows camera to be accessed by standard Internet browser
    Captures audio with internal or external microphone
    Camera can be triggered by motion*
    120 Mips RISC processor
    Lens: f2.0, fixed focus, glass
    1 MB flash memory
    IP Address display

    Automatically sends email with image
    View multiple cameras simultaneously
    Capture snapshots and video to your PC

    Camera Dimensions (wired & wireless)
    4"(H) x 4.5"(W) x 3.75"(D)

    Minimum System Requirements:

    To connect the camera:
    Available Ethernet connection
    (open port on router/gateway or hub)

    To view the camera's images:
    Windows? 98, ME, 2000, or XP PC connected to network
    Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
    800 x 600 display with 16 bit color

    To hear audio from the camera:
    Soundcard and speakers

    To connect camera to the Internet:
    Internet access (min. 128K upload)

    Add Optional Motion Sensors
    Get an alert e-mail every time your Veo Observer camera detects motion by adding an optional motion sensor (#7539PIR, sold separately). This motion sensor mounts to to the underside of the camera mounting bracket that came with your camera, and connects to the camera's motion sensor jack. You'll need one motion sensor for every camera from which you want to receive alerts. Works with both Observer and Wireless Observer models. Please note: 12V motion sensor will ONLY WORK on Observers with serial # 601VB31X000001 and above. Please contact Smarthome Customer Service if you would like the motion sensor, but your Veo Observer does not meet the above criteria. We can special order a motion sensor that will work with your particular Veo Observer. Manufacturer's part number V701000.