Powerful Security Cameras Products

Honeywell introduces light-sensitive M70 camera


Honeywell has announced the M70 camera, a day/night camera that captures images in a variety of lighting conditions. The camera provides color images in bright lighting conditions and automatically adjusts to black-and-white images when the light level drops.

For more information, contact Honeywell at 800-796-2288 www.honeywellvideo.com.

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JVC Professional Products introduces full-function IP dome camera


JVC Professional Products has introduced the VN-C655.

The digital, IP camera meets the requirements of a full-function camera and offers increased control and flexibility that network security environments require.

The camera communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network and is designed for large-scale, IP-based security systems.

For more information on this product, contact JVC at 973-317-5000 or visit the company’s web site at www.jvc.com/pro.

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Elmo vandal-resistant color dome delivers identifiable images

The Elmo TND4204VX is a high-resolution, high sensitivity color camera housed in a vandal-resistant, rugged aluminum, die-cast body with an impact-resistant polycarbonate bubble. Employing DSP circuitry with a 1/3-inch color interline-transfer CCD, it minimizes smear to enhance image sharpness, even in low light conditions. A 3-9 mm varifocal lens with auto iris capability provides coverage of the area.

For more information, contact Elmo at 516-501-1400 or visit www.elmo-corp.com.

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Extreme CCTV’s EX10 series camera offers voltage regulator

The Extreme CCTV’s EX10 series camera is updated with a voltage regulator (VRB) including automatic sensing of DC and AC current for operation under extremely cold temperatures. Made of thick nylon and stainless steel, the EX10 also features an oversized silica gel desiccant pack to control humidity.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 888-409-2288 or visit www.extremecctv.com.

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Vicon intros the VC565DN color camera

Vicon’s VC565DN color camera has a day/night mechanical IR filter that automatically switches from color to black-and-white based on scene conditions. It also offers a low-light performance and image reproduction as well as a sensitivity of 0.01 lux and a resolution of 580 TV lines in night mode or 0.5 lux and 480 TV lines in day mode. The user can manually switch from color to monochrome mode for specific applications. An intelligent backlight compensation control determines the lighting conditions of all objects in the scene. The camera has dual autoiris modes, video-drive lenses and DC-drive lenses.

For more information, call Vicon at 631-952-2288 or visit www.vicon-cctv.com.

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Speco announces CVC-655IP Network Camera


Speco Technologies’ CVC-655IP Network Camera transmits its own images plus those of up to three additional cameras into a network or Internet environment. It uses an embedded Linux operating system to transmit pictures at rates of up to 30 FPS. The CVC-655IP uses protocols including TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, DHCP and others.

For more information, contact Speco Technologies at 800-645-5516 or visit www.specotech.com.

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OuterLimit offers laser range-gated imaging camera


OuterLimit Technologies, a division of Extreme CCTV and Observ Technologies, has unveiled ATV2000i, a laser range-gated active imaging camera designed for surveillance, antiterrorism operations, search and rescue and military surveillance. New laser technology enables long-range night vision beyond 10 miles.

For more information on this product, contact OuterLimit Technologies at 888-409-2288 or visit the company’s web site at www.extremecctv.com.

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Channel Vision’s 5305 and 6305 Bullet Cameras


Channel Vision’s bullet cameras feature 3.6mm lenses, weatherproof design and a sunshield. The 5305 black/white has a 1/3-inch Samsung CCD, 400 line resolution with 0.3 lux at F2.0. The 6305 color camera has a 1/4-inch Sony color CCD, 330 line resolution and 0.5 lux at F2.0.

For more information, contact Channel Vision at 800-840-0288 or visit www.channelvision.com.

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CBC adds high-resolution color dome camera


CBC America presents the ZC-D6039NHA high-resolution color dome camera with 3-9mm auto-iris varifocal lens. This camera provides the quality of existing ZC series dome cameras with the added flexibility of an integrated 3-9mm lens.

For more information, contact CBC at 800-422-6707 or visit www.cbcamerica.com.

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WizKid intros D/N door frame camera


The WZ11 Night Guardian is a day-night door frame camera disguised as a height strip. The WZ11 uses a vandal resistant enclosure to house an IR-sensitive CCD and high-performance infrared illuminators for night vision.

For more information on this product, contact WizKid OptoTechnologies at 866-678-6832 or visit www.wizkidoptotech.com.

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Videolarm unveils new line of vandal resistant IP-ready housings


Videolarm has unveiled a new line of compact IP-ready camera housings to shield network cameras from weather and vandalism.

Designed for commercial businesses, retail centers, hospitals, schools and prisons, each IP Ready Series housing can accommodate a variety of network cameras available from Canon, JVC and other manufacturers. The housings are also available with brackets for standard PTZ cameras as well as fixed cameras.

The IP Ready Series includes the RH7N vandal resistant dome. The optically clear polycarbonate dome on the RH7N measures only seven inches, and can resist impact from a .22 caliber bullet and is housed in cast aluminum for durability. Each unit comes standard with a wall mount designed with internal cable feed through and can be used for either outdoor or indoor installations.

For more information, contact Videolarm at 800-554-1124 or visit www.videolarm.com.

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Cantronic’s IR Vandal Proof Dome Camera designed for confined spaces

Cantronic Systems, Inc. announces the IR Vandal Proof Dome Camera for daylight, low-light and no-light CCTV applications in all environments.

The small size, measuring only 150mm in diameter by 120mm in height, is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. Its die-cast aluminum housing and vandal-resistant polycarbonate dome shields the camera from the hazards in environments like schools, factories and prisons. Designed to perform in daylight or no-light situations, the camera has a photo sensor that switches from color to black and white. A built-in 24-LED IR illuminator, standard in the camera, provides illumination up to 15m.

Features of the IR Vandal Proof Dome Camera include 480 TV lines, 0Lux/F=1.2 minimum illumination, automatic white balance, automatic backlight compensation and an internal sync system.

The housing can be flush or surface mounted. An "O" ring, standard in the camera, seals out moisture, dust and other outdoor elements.

For more information, contact Cantronic at 866-391-6970 or visit www.cantronic.com.

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Digimerge unveils high resolution, day/night weatherproof camera

Digimerge has announced the introduction of their DCB100032 High Resolution Day/Night Weatherproof Camera. These cameras feature increased image quality, water- resistant aluminum housing and a design for most commercial installations.

The DCB100032 offers an advanced 1/4-inch CCD image sensor, 350 horizontal TV line resolution and 6.3mm fixed lens packaged in an IP67 rated aluminum weatherproof housing. Color imaging switches to bow light conditions. It provides 12 built-in infrared LEDs providing illumination up to 30 feet with minimum illumination of just 0.01Lux.

For more information, contact Digimerge at 866-344-4674 or visit www.digimerge.com.

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CCTV Imports’ 2104Z2 color camera

The 2104Z2 color camera from CCTV Imports offers 22x optical zoom and 16x digital for total 352x zoom; on-screen display; digital remote control via RS-485; total control with manual/auto and color balance.

For more information, contact CCTV Imports at 888-315-1219 or visit www.cctvimports.com.

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Raytheon introduces the Thermal-Eye TSC


The Thermal-Eye TSC from Raytheon combines 24x7 thermal imaging detection with long distance surveillance capabilities and integrates into current security systems. It detects human activity up to 2,000 feet.

For more information, contact Raytheon at 972-344-2026 or visit www.thermal-eye.com.

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CBC America introduces the ZR-DH1621NP

CBC America’s ZR-DH1621NP DVR allows users to record, playback and view live video. It allows up to one terabyte HDD capacity. The ZR-DH1621NP has networking capability via web browser or client software. It also has USB and firewire connections, built-in PTZ control and event/alarm/video loss notification through e-mail.

For more information, contact CBC at 800-888-0131 or visit www.cbcamerica.com.

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Pentax introduces day and night IR lens

Pentax’s new 1/2 format day and night IP auto-iris vari-focal lens does not require the focus to be readjusted when lighting conditions have changed from daytime sunlight to night time, near IR conditions.

The lens focuses visible light and near IR light onto the CCD.

For more information, contact Pentax Imaging at 888-267-6422 or visit www.pentax.com.

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Extreme CCTV launches Explosion Proof Camera


Extreme CCTV’s EX72 is an explosion-proof surveillance solution certified for use where hazardous materials are stored or processed. The extended length of the EX72 accommodates zoom cameras for versatile performance.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 888-409-2288 or visit www.extremecctv.com.

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Crest unveils the VisiPro-5600 series of video recorders


The VisiPro-5600 series from Crest Electronics has a global recording rate of 480 frames per second. The VisiPro-5600 series is available as a 16-channel model with looping outputs, or a 32-channel unit.

For more information on this product, call Crest Electronics at 888-502-7378 or visit www.crestelectronics.com.

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Infinova introduces NetDome IP PTZ dome cameras


Infinova has introduced pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras that feature a built-in video server. Available in high resolution color with 22X optical zoom or day/night, high-resolution color with 23X optical zoom, NetDome cameras can be viewed and PTZ controlled from anywhere in the world via the Internet using a web browser.

For more information on this product, contact Infinova at 732-355-9100 or visit the company’s web site at www.infinova.net.

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Sony announces new line of network cameras

Sony Electronics introduces the first in its line of network cameras to offer MPEG-4 video compression. The SNC-P1 network camera incorporates MPEG-4 video and audio capabilities, as well as JPEG, a wide-angle mono-focal lens and a built-in microphone. The camera is suited for Internet or other limited bandwidth environments.

For more information, contact Sony at 800-222-7669 or visit www.sony.com/security.

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Advanced IP dome cameras released by DVTel


DVTel announces its new advanced IP dome cameras, with dual video streams to enable different recording and viewing rates. Multi-DSP video processing and precision optics ensure high image quality at the lowest network bandwidth and storage.

For more information, call DVTel at 201-368-9700 or visit www.dvtel.com.

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ProTech introduces outdoor sensor with camera

ProTech’s Piramid XL2VWC Outdoor Dual Technology sensor includes an internally mounted color camera with a heater. The Piramid XL2VWC offers a 60-degree field of view and is powered from a 24VAC plug-in transformer. It utilizes ProTech’s proprietary Stereo Doppler technology for false alarm rejection capability.

For more information, contact ProTech at 800-428-9662 or visit www.protechusa.com.

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Vicon introduces Roughneck Fixed Camera Dome


Vicon introduces its line of Roughneck Vandal-Resistant Camera Domes. The integral camera/lens is high-resolution color or day/night with a varifocal lens and an isolated power input.

For more information on this product, contact Vicon at 800-645-9116 or visit the company’s web site at www.vicon-cctv.com.

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Pelco announces CC3770H D/N camera


Pelco has introduced a camera for capturing video images within various kinds of lighting. With a removable IR cut filter, the new CC3770H is a high-resolution digital day/night camera that switches automatically from color to black and white mode as lighting conditions dictate.

For more information, contact Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit www.pelco.com.

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WizKid OptoTechnologies introduces WZ5

WizKid OptoTechnologies’ WZ5 is an entry/exit camera that provides surveillance critical for access-controlled areas to ensure usable video pictures showing facial detail. WZ5 is designed to fit into electrical gang boxes under the cover of light switch aesthetics.

For more information, contact WizKid at 866-678-6832 or visit www.wizkidoptotech.com.

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Panasonic offers the WV-CW374


Panasonic’s WV-CW374 features the company’s Super Dynamic II and Day/Night technologies for performance in virtually any lighting condition. Additional features include 480 lines of color resolution and built-in video motion detection.

For more information, contact Panasonic Security Systems at 866-726-2288 or visit the company’s web site at www.panasonic.com/security.

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Axis 231D Network Dome Camera


The Axis 231D Network Dome Camera offers professional security users the functionality of a legacy analog dome, combined with the advanced feature set of a network camera.

Supporting both indoor and outdoor use, the network camera features an 18x optical zoom lens with pan/tilt mechanics, and provides users with full frame rate motion JPEG video for almost all resolutions.

For more information, contact Axis at 800-444-2947 or visit www.axis.com.

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PanaVise offers CCTV Camera Conduit Mounts

The new CCTV Camera Conduit Mounts from PanaVise Products allow installers to mount CCTV cameras to any length conduit or NPT pipe. Conduit or pipe can be cut to provide the correct mount length including long drops for use in warehouses, convention centers and other large buildings.

The mounts are available for 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch conduit and include two adjusting options. Four models are available for different camera weights.

For more information, contact PanaVise at 775-850-2900 or visit www.panavise.com.

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Bosch Security Systems unveils new housing

Bosch Security Systems HSG9483 Series Camera Housings are housings designed for indoor and outdoor use. They are made of aluminum and advanced polymers—offering a solution for protecting video surveillance equipment from adverse elements.

The hinged, side-opening design allows access to most camera and lens controls once the housing is mounted. Power, video and lens control cabling can be routed through liquid-tight fittings in the bottom rear of the housing, or via the feed-through entry holes in the base for even better cable management.

The product protects camera/lens combinations up to 317mm in length. Its key features include a design that meets NEMA-4 and IP66 enclosure standards; optional heater and blower; tamper-resistant screws for locking clasps; and mounting holes for installation to a wide range of pan/tilts, adjustable heads, and camera mount brackets.

For more information, contact Bosch Security Systems at 800-289-0096 or visit www.boschsecurity.us.

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Samsung CCTV unveils SDN-500 camera


Samsung CCTV has announced its new SDN-500 color camera provides clear images in day and night conditions. The SDN-500 also offers more surveillance recording for the same memory storage capacity. The images are detailed yet the files are smaller, which increases DVR recording capability. Recorded file size is reduced by 70 percent when using MPEG format, and by 40 percent when using JPEG format.

For more information, contact Samsung CCTV at 800-762-7746 or visit www.samsungcctv-info.com.

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Crest develops vandalproof dome cameras


Crest Electronics has introduced the CJ-4824 series of vandalproof dome cameras. With eight different models available, the CJ-4824 family has a dome to meet a variety of applications. The models include black and white versions, and lens options include a fixed macro-focus lens, 3.5 to 8 mm auto iris vari-focal or 9 to 22 mm auto iris vari-focal.

For more information on this product, contact Crest at 888-502-7378 or visit www.crestelectronics.com.

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Toshiba announces IK-WB02A network camera

Toshiba Security & Network Video has introduced the IK-WB02A network camera.

Featuring 802.3af Power over Ethernet, the IK-WB02A requires a single cable to deliver both communications and power.

In addition to PoE, the IK-WB02A incorporates both AC24V and DC12V power to best suit the specific application’s power requirements, as well as backwards compatibility with video out to send a live video feed to a monitor or recorder.

Other key features include an ultra-clean 50dB signal-to-noise ratio, 480TV line resolution, 1/3-inch imaging sensor, low light performance down to 0.2 lux atF1.0 with day/night imaging and a wide dynamic range of 2,500K to 10,000K.

For more information, contact Toshiba at 877-696-3822 or visit www.cctv.toshiba.com.
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Speco unveils pair of color, weatherproof cameras

Speco Technologies has released the CVC-7706DNV color, weatherproof camera with Super-HAD technology and built-in infrared LEDs. Features include a mechanical IR filter for color images as well as built-in heaters and coated front glass to enhance IR operation. It offers color images by day and automatically switches to black and white at night. This makes the CVC-7706DNV capable of 24-hour operation.

The CVC-550EX color, weatherproof camera features an auto iris 5-50mm varifocal lens and pre-set auto exposure settings. This camera boasts an ultra-high resolution picture with extreme low-light sensitivity and built-in back light compensation. It includes coated front glass and built-in heaters as well, which makes it a suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For more information, contact Speco Technologies at 800-645-5516 or visit www.specotech.com.

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Bewator offers new dome camera

Video control specialist Bewator has launched a new dome camera called Solaris. Solaris is suitable both for internal and external use in areas such as town and city centres, airports, retail and commercial buildings.

Installation of the dome is done through a single, external connection plug and configuration is achieved using on screen display menus such as presets, privacy zones setting or diagnostics.

Solaris is fitted with an external termination unit, which enables users to set up the dome accurately using the LCD panel and a range of menus. The XTU can be positioned on a wall or at ground level for immediate access.

For more information, contact Bewator at www.bewator.com.
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CBC’s high-resolution color camera

CBC Corp. has introduced the new LVC-C310HM high-resolution color camera with 27 times auto-focus zoom. The all-purpose camera designed for industrial or surveillance applications. A day/night feature provides high-resolution color images during the day and high-sensitivity black and white images at night. Using Interline transfer CCD, the LVC-C310HM features optical zoom focal length of 3.25 to 88 mm and 480 lines horizontal resolution using 12 VDC power. All camera functions are controlled by push buttons on the back panel. In addition, zoom and focus can be controlled remotely through a standard controller.

For more information, contact CBC at 800-888-0131 or visit www.cbcamerica.com.

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Sony announces its fixed-view, color video IP camera

Sony Electronics has introduced the SNC-CS3N fixed-view color video IP camera, which features a built-in web server for remote viewing and capturing of high quality video over the network.

Designed for surveillance and remote monitoring applications, the SNC-CS3N is equipped with a 1/3-type IT CCD, with ExWave HAD technology for high picture quality and high sensitivity minimum illumination of 0.5 lux. It also features a CS-mount, vari-focal lenses with auto iris function that covers a horizontal viewing angle of 91 to 36 degrees.

For more information, contact Sony at 800-686-7669 or visit www.sony.com/security.

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Extreme CCTV offers new Ballistic camera


Extreme CCTV has unveiled its ZX20 Ballistic camera. The product features a dual-chambered design that absorbs projectile energy and reduces bullet forces. The housing is complemented by an external sunshield for an extra layer of ballistic protection and a four-layered 1.25-inch polycarbonate window designed to protect against gunfire.

For more information, contact Extreme CCTV at 604-420-7711 or visit the company’s web site at www.extremecctv.com.

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CoVi Technologies intros its EVQ-1000 security camera

CoVi Technologies has introduced the EVQ-1000. The HDTV solution has various features including 1280 X 720P high motion video and multiple views per camera with simultaneous full field and up to three zoom zones.

It also offers ultra-high dynamic range compression to capture high quality video in difficult lighting conditions, along with flexible deployment for day/night and indoor/outdoor usage.

For more information, contact CoVi Technologies at 866-292-5900 or visit www.covitechnologies.com.

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Axis introduces the AXIS 206W

Axis Communications has announced the AXIS 206W, a small network camera that connects wirelessly to a Wireless Local Area Network. 

 The AXIS 206W supports the IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi standard. It contains a built-in Web server and universal plug and play support, enabling easy set up on the wireless network.  Axis' application software, Axis Camera Explorer, is shipped with the AXIS 206W to allow for image viewing and recording. Users of the network camera can also leverage Axis' free AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service when connecting to a local network or the Internet.

To provide high image quality and resolution, the AXIS 206W uses Axis' image processing technology and an advanced CMOS sensor. The AXIS 206W offers resolutions of up to 640 x 480 pixels in VGA format, with a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions.    

For more information, contact Axis at 800-444-2947 or visit www.axis.com.

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Vicon updates fixed-camera domes

Vicon Industries has unveiled a redesigned line of Roughneck Vandal-Resistant cameras that provide greater field-of-view and day/night capabilities.

Camera/lens options include high-resolution color or day/night with a 2.6 –6 mm varifocal lens. The camera/lens combinations in the current domes provide ExView technology and an isolated power input. The unit offers 180-degrees camera mounting adjustment. The injection-molded polycarbonate dome protects the camera from shock and vandalism.

Indoor and outdoor models are available and mounting options include in-ceiling, wall and a pendant mount. Each line has versions that allow video transmission over coaxial cable or twisted pair.

For more information, contact Vicon Industries at 800-645-9116 or visit www.vicon-cctv.com.

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Wren unveils the EG8

Wren has released the 8-inch environmental globe. A versatile solution for outdoor applications, the EG8 is designed with many of the same features that have made the 12-inch version successful. The EG8 provides maximum flexibility accommodating a single fixed camera, multiple board cameras and leading PTZs.

Features include unique dual shell construction for a built-in sunshield as well as a UV-resistant outer shell. The unit is designed to minimize any dust or insect intrusion with a sealed lip on the dome. Several options are available such as a heater/blower kit and multiple mounts including wall, corner, pole and parapet.

For more information, contact Wren at 800-881-2249 or visit www.wrenssociates.com.
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Tokina announces re-release of compact zoom lens


Tokina has announced the re-release of the TM16Z7518 compact zoom lens. The TM16Z7518 is a compact 16X motorized zoom boasting a focal range of 7.5 to 120mm. It is a 1/2-inch format that is adapted to 1/3 inch, has a motorization speed of 3 seconds and operates on no more than 50mA at DC6V-12V.

For more information contact Tokina at 888-486-5462 or visit www.tokina-usa.com.

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Sony Electronics debuts color video cameras


Sony Electronics has unveiled three compact color cameras for monitoring and surveillance applications, ranging from airport security to use in retail stores and banks. The cameras feature a CS Mount and can connect easily with either DC Servo or Video Servo lenses. Other features include Sony’s DynaView technology, available in the SSC-DC573 and SSC-DC590 models, for a dynamic range that is 128 times wider than other types of cameras.

For additional details on this product contact Sony at 800-866-7669 or visit www.sony.com.

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JVC’s new fixed-dome color security camera

JVC Professional Products has launched a vandal-resistant, fixed-dome color security camera, the TK-C205VPU. It features an environmental, IP 66-rated dome housing designed for higher security and outdoor applications such as ATMs, large warehouses, educational institutions and penitentiaries. The camera features the new 1/4-inch high resolution CCD, offering 535 TVL.

For more information on this product contact JVC at 973-317-5000 or visit www.jvc.com/pro.

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IPIX unveils CommandView 360 network

IPIX Security has introduced the IPIX CommandView 360 network video surveillance and security camera. CommandView360 is built on the CommandView platform and integrates two, two-megapixel network cameras—each equipped with an IPIX fisheye lens and a mechanical PTZ camera that provides a 23X-optical zoom capability. It features the company’s viewing technology and IPIX CommandStation management software to provide a security camera system that can see in all directions.

For more information contact IPIX at 888-909-4749 or visit www.ipix.com.

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Tokina announces the availability of the KMT-1749

Tokina has announced the release of the KMT-1749, a highly sensitive, 0.5 lux, low-light, mini-dome camera that includes a Tokina varifocal zoom lens.

The KMT-1749 incorporates a field selectable varifocal zoom lens from 2.4 to 6mm that provides for a variety of fields of view. In addition to the zoom feature, backlight, AGC and mirror functions, there is also a selectable 2X zoom. The KMT-1749 requires a 12 VDC power supply and is available in NTSC or PAL.

For more information contact Tokina at 888-486-5462 or visit the company’s web site at www.tokina-usa.com.

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Mace Security introduces its new digital IP videophone

Mace Security International has announced the introduction of its new digital IP videophone.  The videophone works with all IP-based networks including LANs, WANs, Internet, Ethernet interface and H.323 compatible systems. The product is a professional grade digital phone that provides exceptional video images and audio sounds. The videophone provides video quality up to 30 frames per second and an advanced echo canceling technology, which allows streaming audio to be properly transmitted. The videophone comes complete with a 45-degree CCD camera, a standard handset and a built-in speakerphone. It contains two inputs, which allows a user to connect additional cameras to the phone. It also contains an output for use with larger displays including televisions, monitors and conference room projectors.

For additional information contact Mace at 954-585-6223 or visit www.mace.com.

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TeleEye Group’s SF310 color CS-Mount Camera

TeleEye’s SF310 is a color camera with 1/3-inch interline transfer CCD. Available with PAL and NTSC models, the picture elements of TeleEye SF310 are 5000 (H) X 582 (V) and 510 (H) X 492 (V) respectively. It is fully compatible with TeleEye III+ video transmitters in remote surveillance applications.

For more information contact TeleEye at 852-2995 5922 or visit www.teleeye.com.

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Samsung Camera announces mini-dome cameras series

Samsung Camera has introduced a new series of mini-dome cameras that offer an array of built-in functions. The cameras come in different options for different lighting situations. The SID-42 series is designed to offer maximum performance down to a minimum illumination level of 0.7 Lux/F1.2 providing more than 480 TVL and high sensitivity. The SID-22 series is good for lower light levels, 0.4 Lux/F1.2 and up and exceeds 330TVL.

All SID cameras come with ATW/ATC selectable white balance, and on/of selectable BLC functions. The cameras offer a 360-degree pan and up to a 90-degree tilt.

Only 3.5 inches high and 4.3 inches wide and weighing 5.6 ounces, these low profile SID-42C/22C series cameras have a snap-on/snap-off dome.

For more information contact Samsung at 800-762-7746 or visit www.samsungcctv-info.com.

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Speco adds wall-mounting brackets to line of dome cameras


Speco Technologies announces a new feature for its economy line of dome cameras. All four models are now being supplied with wall mounting brackets. These stainless steel brackets quickly adapt the ceiling mounted domes for use on a wall without loss of adjustability. The camera maintains its full 360-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical plane of rotation. All necessary nuts bolts and screws are supplied for quick and easy installations.

For more information contact Speco Technologies at 800-645-5516 or visit www.specotech.com.

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Infinova introduces Networkable Video Matrix Switcher

Infinova’s V2040 TCP/IP Networkable Video Matrix Switcher isan IP addressable, full-crosspoint matrix switcher, with an option for video over IP with camera PTZ control functions. It is also a switcher that, when configured in multiple sites, is connected and controlled via LAN/WAN without added dedicated servers and RS-422/485 cabling as required by older satellite configured systems. With the VIP option, users can select, view and control the PTZ functions from any of a maximum of 4096 input cameras. Up to four cameras can be viewed and controlled at one time. The user may also program alarm response over the Internet, LAN or WAN. An entire enterprise video surveillance system can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet using a normal web browser, with password protection and levels of authority.

For more information contact Infinova at 888-685-2002 or visit www.infinova.net.

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2412SYS by Sensoray offers an outdoor IP-streaming solution

Sensoray has introduced its model 2412SYS, a complete video-over, IP-streaming solution packaged for outdoor use. In converts PAL or NTSC video into an 802.11b stream using the UDP or RTP Ethernet protocol. Optional amplifiers, antennas and a pole mounting kit can extend its range to more than two miles. The 2412SYS accepts a wide range of input power, from 10 to 36 VDC, and draws 6W for one video channel. The bit rate from its MPEG-2 codec can be reduced to as low as 500 kbits/s to minimize bandwidth. A low-latency stream player for Windows is available for near real-time viewing. Also available is Model 2412AP, which acts as an access point by converting wireless data to copper Ethernet.

For more information contact Sensoray at 503-684-8005 or visit www.sensoray.com.

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Cantronic Systems introduces ThermalRanger 2000

Cantronic Systems has announced its ThermalRanger 2000 line of infrared ultra long-range surveillance cameras designed for night vision security.

With a NETD of 0.08 deg C, the thermal-seeking, passive infrared cameras provide surveillance detection in total darkness up to 3,600 meters. Weighing in at less than 40 pounds, the ThermalRanger 2000 is designed for perimeter security installations at a variety of locations.

For more information contact Cantronic Systems at 866-391-6970 or visit www.cantronic.com.

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Axis unveils 290B Network Camera Housing

Axis Communications has launched the AXIS 290B Network Camera Housing, the company’s first outdoor enclosure designed for network cameras. The enclosure is optimized for the AXIS 2120 and 2420 network cameras, enabling these products to be used in adverse conditions such as humid, cold or dusty environments.

The aluminum network camera housing is waterproof and dust-tight, comes with a sturdy-mounting bracket, and contains a temperature-controlled heater to automatically protect the network camera from severe cold. It also comes with a 15VDC indoor, main power supply and 30 feet of cable to connect the housing to the power supply.

For more information contact Axis Communications at 212-651-4207 or visit www.axis.com.

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Samsung Camera unveils series of high-resolution CCD cameras

Samsung Camera has introduced a series of high resolution CCD cameras equipped with a 3.8mm to 9.5mm auto iris vari-focal lens for ease of installation and crisp monitoring.

The SOC-4020 series color cameras come in 24 volt AC or 12 volt DC versions. All cameras feature 1/3-inch interline-transfer color CCD technology with 410,000 pixels. They achieve horizontal resolution of 480TV lines and a minimum illumination of 0.5 LUX at F1.2. The cameras also offer backlight compensation, sharpness control, flickerless control and white balance.

For more information, contact Samsung at 201-902-0347 or visit www.samsungcamerausa.com.

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Ikegami offers ICD-505 camera


Ikegami’s ICD-505, employing a 1/3-inch single-chip CCD, is a high resolution 480 TV lines and high sensitivity camera for surveillance purpose.

It is optimum for building into ATM machines with functions of BLC, AES, auto-iris and line–lock, and for small housing with its compact body. It offers lower smear level and 110db, low noise design.

For more information, call Ikegami at 201-368-9171 or visit www.ikegami.com.

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Pelco debuts Spectra III


The new Pelco Nitrogen Pressurized Spectra III Dome System from Pelco, features one of the most rugged and functional positioning systems available. Pressurized Spectra III offers 100 percent protection of the camera, lens and electrical components from any and all environmental hazards. The system also features on-screen alerts.

For more information, contact Pelco at 800-289-9100 or visit www.pelco.com.

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Dinion XF from Bosch offers smart surveillance


The Dinion XF is a high performance, smart surveillance camera series designed by Bosch Security Systems’ CCTV Division for challenging situations.

The Dinion XF provides picture performance even under the most difficult light and scene conditions through 15-bit digital video processing. XF-Dynamic reveals details in high contrast scenes, with many new image enhancement features.

For more information, call Bosch Security at 800-289-0096 or visit www.boschsecurity.us.

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Vandal-resistant dome from Aigis


Aigis Mechtronics releases the Vandal Resistant Recessed Mount Dome designed to offer a a compact, unobtrusive package.

The majority of this unit mounts into a wall or ceiling with only the small, 3.9-inch polycarbonate dome exposed. The back box is small enough to mount directly into a 2 x 2-inch electrical box or on its own using a specially designed dust cover that guards against dust and ensures the unit’s plenum rating.

For more information, call Aigis Mechtronics at 877-523-6500 or visit www.aigismech.com.

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Speco Technologies unveils new bullet camera designs

Speco Technologies has announced the next level in bullet camera design. Nitrogen makes the CVC-320WP and the CVC-321WP Infrared cameras more than waterproof. The manufacturing technology eliminates any possibility of moisture and condensation since there is little or no air present inside the body of the camera.

The high-resolution, black and white camera offers built-in IR-illumination that is excellent for any indoor or outdoor application and for optimal viewing in extreme low light conditions or complete darkness. The units also operate under 90 feet of water.

For more information contact Speco Technologies at 800-645-5516 or visit www.specotech.com.

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Two varifocals added to Tokina’s product line

Tokina has added the TVR-2514DCIR and the TVR-2714 to its product base. The two varifocals enhance the company’s line of CCTV lenses. The TVR-2714 meets most CCTV applications with its range of 2.7 mm to 12.5 mm, and the TVR-2514DCIR Day/Night lens features an auto iris DC with infrared coatings and optics.

The TVR-2514DCIR was developed incorporating a workable Day/Night infrared varifocals with a responsive range of 450 nm to 930 nm. The applicable zoom range of the lens is 2.5 millimeters to 8.0 millimeters with a 1.4 aperture. This one-third inch CS mount lens is available in DC auto iris.

Tokina’s TVR-2714 lens provides a 2.7 millimeter to 12.5 millimeter extended range and is available in manual, DC and video auto iris versions.

For more information contact Tokina at 888-486-5462 or visit www.kenko-usa.com.

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Bolide announces PTZ camera

The Bolide Technology Group has introduced the BC1009/SP-JN70NET, a full-featured PTZ camera that provides remote surveillance over a network using a built-in server that supports a dynamic IP address.

The BC1009/SP-JN70NET is a five-inch, indoor/outdoor high resolution, high-speed, color network camera with integrated construction, suited to security installers, government agencies and law enforcement. When connected to a PC, end users can remotely control the camera and record events.

Additional features include an integrated auto-digital-control high-speed dome, a built-in DSP camera with auto iris, auto focus and back light compensation, an IP 66 proof environment structure and a 360-degree continuous pan, auto flip and proportional zoom control.

For more information contact Bolide at 800-355-0895 or visit www.bolideco.com.

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Extreme CCTV launches Chemically Resistant Submersible Camera

Extreme CCTV has unveiled its EX15 Chemically Resistant Submersible Camera. The camera, which is the latest addition to the product line, adheres to IP68 design conformance and is specifically designed for chemical resistance and underwater operation up to 100 feet.

The EX15 features12-inch PVC tubing, a chemically inert acrylic window and watertight seals, connections and cabling. A precision ball-bearing slide platform allows simple positioning to Extreme’s EX5 series high-resolution CCD camera and is fully compatible with the company’s mounting hardware.

For more information contact Extreme CCTV at 604-420-7711 or visit www.extremecctv.com.

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IDView intros CCD-LAN camera

IDView Technologies has rolled out its new IV-100LC CCD-LAN camera, which comes with its own IP address, provides watermarked Internet and local video monitoring from multiple PCs while using a regular phone line for access.

Additional local and remote video storage can be facilitated with a NAS backup. The IV-100LC also features two-way audio.

For more information, contact IDView Technologies at (972) 247-1203 or visit www.idviewcctv.com.

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