PC Interfacing Using USB
PC Interfacing Using USB

PC Interfacing Using USB Manufacturer: Babani

The USB port is popular for connecting printers, scanners, mass storage systems, digital cameras and other peripherals to a PC, and the interfacing enthusiast has had to look on with envy at these developments until now! Ravar Pty of Queensland, Australia have developed a USB interface module which is equivalent to an old 24-line parallel plug-in input/output card. This now re-opens the entire interfacing world to the computer enthusiast but without having to delve inside the PC. This book outlines the basics of USB, shows how the Ravar USB interface module can be connected to and programmed by the PC and explores how digital data, stepper motors, digital-to-analogue and analogue-to-digital convertors can be used with the system. It strives to assist the user to become conversant with USB and provide a source book which can be dipped into at anytime whenever an interfacing project is being developed.

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