Outdoor Wireless Camera
Outdoor Wireless Camera

Outdoor Wireless Camera Manufacturer: Swann
- Suitable for Home, Office and Retail Security
- No signal cable installation required
- Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor or indoor use
- 2.4GHz transmission frequency
- 12 Infrared LEDs for close up night vision (within 5m of the camera)
- Included receiver is easily connected to a VCR, TV or PC (With Capture Card)

The Swann 2.4 GHz wireless camera is now more than ever the ultimate in surveillance technology available to you. The 2.4 GHz transmission gives extended range, and the clarity & picture quality have been enhanced for even better full colour images. Ideal for no hassles wireless security in the home, office, warehouse, or in the field. The Swann 2.4 GHz Wireless Camera will transmit up to 100m/328ft (line of sight, typically up to 30m/100ft indoors). It can be used with a 9V battery (optional) or the mains power adapter included in the kit.

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