One X10 Customer Uses the XCam2 Security Camera

The XCam2 Security Camera Keeps Watch Over the Police Station

I started purchasing your products in mid 2001 for security around my home. At first it was just a novelty. As a law enforcement Captain, I felt I was the only security my household needed. But after a few months, I purchased 3 more cameras. I now have 5 total encompassing my whole residence. Whether at work or just relaxing in bed at night, I have full access to my surroundings, both outside and inside. I don't even have to move, just pick up the remote and I am there.

When we added on to our existing police station, I installed two cameras in the new addition. The Chief loves it! He can see who enters and exits our lobby right from his desk. Our receptionist has the same luxury and feels more secure by seeing who enters before they get to her desk. They are convenient and serve as great "back up" so to speak. Thanks for a great product.

Capt. Bill Holliday
Cicero Police Department

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