Nutone IM-5000 Home Intercom System Kit
Our Finest NuTone Home Intercom System featuring Selective "room to room" intercom and "all call" intercom with auxiliary music distribution capability. Ideal for larger homes or a small business. Unlike most intercoms systems which are "all call" systems the IM-5000 you can pick what room(s) you would like to speak to. This option allows you to have private conversations while not disturbing others.

This sleek NuTone intercom system master unit hides in a closet, all the user sees is the attractive speaker! The master station is also a surface mount unit which requires no rough-in kits, or special installation requirements. With this intercom system you can call individual stations up to 20, or call all stations at once, plus you can answer up to 3 doors. This is a full featured intercom system that can fit into your budget.

Why Should I buy NuTone? - If you know any one that has a NuTone Intercom System, they will agree this is not just an intercom - It's an investment that increases the value of your home. Many People who have bought a NuTone Intercom in the past have kept them for 20+ years and they still work like the day they were installed. We have many customers who simply want a more modern looking upgrade because there system has lasted so long.

Intercom System Kit Includes:
1 NuTone NT-5000 Home Intercom 2 Indoor Speaker Stations ( NT-IS515WH ) 1 Outdoor Speaker Station ( NT-IS67 ) 1 Chime Module 1-2-8 Note ( NT-IA28 ) 200' Nutone Intercom Wire ( NT-IW6200UL ) Includes all Rough-in Kits for speakers and power supply. For easy installation.

Intercom Features:
Uses up to 20 indoor intercom stations plus 3 outdoor speakers, Each Speaker is a 6-wire system Perfect for residential or small office use Calls stations individually using the "selective call" feature, or call all stations at the same time using the "all call" feature Answer the door speaker from any station Master station mounts in a utility room, closet or other out-of-the-way location Master surface mounts, no rough-in required Optional chime module or external electronic chime, audio wall plate Remote Stations Features

"Selective call" intercom, allows calls to be made between two selected stations "All call" intercom calls all stations at the same time "Hands-free" answering at all stations One button talk/listen: Push to speak, release to hear reply Audible signal announces someone is calling Answer door from any intercom station, response is "hands-free" "Listen-in" monitoring for baby's room, keep tabs on person confined to a bed private mode prevents unwanted intercom calls Separate electronic touch volume controls for intercom and program volume Built-in microphone provides greater intercom clarity

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