Noisetaker 600
Noisetaker 600

Noisetaker 600
- 600W
- Intel and AMD Compatible
- Smart Fan Function - continues to cool 2 mins after system shutdown, and a further 2 mins if system is still too hot
- Dual +12V rails - provides stable and clean current to noise-sensitive devices and separates the motherboard and video card rails to ensure maximum power to your PCI Express video card
- High Efficiency - maximises your power supply output and minimises wasted power
- Ring Core Technology - effectively prevents electro-magnetic pulse leaking from switching power supply to appliances that are being attached to the same power source

Enermax has one of the highest protection standards on the market, due to the advanced design they offer the following types of protection:
OCP-Over Current Protection, UVP-Under Current Protection, OVP-Over Voltage Protection, OLP-Over Load Protection, OTP-Over Temperature Protection and SCP-Short Circuits Protection.

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