NoFalse Alarm Introduces Standalone Intrusion/Video System

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. - With a new standalone combination intrusion/video system from NoFalse Alarm, a division of U.S. Acoustics Technologies, Inc., a monitoring station can confirm if there is a verified or false alarm in a short 20 seconds from the time the camera or sensor detects motion. The monitoring station can then immediately alert the property owner or notify the police if the alarm is legitimate.

"With police departments throughout the country threatening not to respond unless an alarm is verified, the alarm industry and its customers need an effective, efficient solution to this very real problem," explains Douglas Kim, president of NoFalse Alarm. "Our system actually bridges the gap between CCTV and burglar alarms at the central station to assure property owners that the police will indeed quickly investigate if there is a verified break-in at their home or business."

The unique NoFalse Alarm intrusion/video system includes an 8-channel multiplexer, up to eight cameras with variable motion detectors and sensors, plus a siren. It connects to existing alarm or burglar panels and/or DVR systems. A wide range of options is available, including independent remote monitoring.

With it, monitoring stations can now quickly review pre- and post- alarms caused by intrusions or other incidents. When an alarm signal is detected, the Internet transmits the pre-alarm and post-alarm clips to the monitoring station within seconds and, in turn, the monitoring station can verify in seconds. Within 20 seconds, all who need to know that there has been a break-in can be notified. The monitoring station can then email these clips to the property owner at home or on the road for verification or contact the police directly, emailing the clips to the precinct station.

Via microphone, the monitoring station can even command the intruders to leave, order an evacuation, and follow up by activating an ear-splitting siren.

The system features four TCP/IP ports, each with its own function. The first immediately records a clip after an alarm is triggered and sends the clip to the monitoring station. With the second port, the monitoring station can come into the site and view it live to verify what is happening.

Port 3 lets the property owner come into the site and view it at any time. Port 4 is used for audio and the dynamic IP server.

Regarding audio, there are four inputs of microphones for listening. Two of these outputs can be connected to an amplifier to a bullhorn at the site.

In operation, when a sensor triggers, a signal is sent from the alarm to the monitoring station. The DVR begins recording and the Internet is activated.

This takes less than five seconds. A video priority comes into the DICE software at a monitoring station, which alerts people at the monitoring station to watch the clip and go immediately to the site to view it live.

All this happens in less than 20 seconds after the initial alarm. Next, all who should be notified get notified. At 30 seconds after the initial alert, the system automatically resets the recorder to get another clip.

A dial-up version is also available. Customers can choose from either rack- or wall-mounted enclosures.

Attendees at the ISC West Show in Las Vegas April 6-8 will have an opportunity to win one of ten free units by stopping by the NoFalse Alarm booth #17094.

The NoFalse Alarm system is available now.

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