Next Generation Wireless Surveillance System Announced by Smartvue

NASHVILLE, TN - Addressing the demand for high-quality, low-cost video surveillance for small to mid-sized businesses and homeowners, Smartvue® Corporation, an award winning technology leader in the surveillance industry, today announced Smartvue S2 and demonstrated its prototype.

Smartvue S2 is a complete wireless video surveillance system which can be installed in less than 10 minutes at half the cost of previous technologies. Smartvue records 30 frames per second D1 video to its Linux based DVR using the new H.264 video compression standard and enables remote monitoring from web-enabled cell phones and PCs. It also includes Super Wireless Range (SWR) technology and Pixim’s patented Digital Pixel System (DPS) imaging.

“Smartvue will revolutionize the surveillance market by offering the world’s fastest, easiest and highest quality wireless video surveillance at half the cost of competitive systems” says Smartvue Founder and CEO, Martin A. Renkis.

“We find Smartvue very interesting and like their goal of offering a simple to use product that shortens installation time to an unprecedented 10 minutes per system. If achieved, the time and costs savings could add significant value and profits to customers and dealers” said Sandra Jones, principal, Sandra Jones & Co.

`Smartvue`s focus on high quality video makes it a natural fit with Pixim,` said Lee Hirsch, vice president of marketing for Pixim. `Pixim’s DPS technology digitizes light at the point of capture, resulting in sharp images with unprecedented dynamic range even under challenging lighting conditions, which makes camera setup a snap for anyone.`

“The Texas Instruments digital media processor enables Smartvue S2 to provide real-time, high-quality video,” said Yvonne Cager, worldwide DSP video solutions marketing manager, Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN). “By collaborating with TI and our technology partners, Smartvue is able to take advantage of algorithms that are optimized for our DSPs and help speed their time to market.”

Smartvue S2 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2004 directly from Smartvue and through its strategic and OEM partners.

Smartvue Corporation was founded in 1998. It has earned the world’s most prestigious awards and multiple patents for its ground breaking surveillance technologies. Smartvue’s mission is to provide the world’s fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective surveillance technologies and services to its customers worldwide.