New home automation & security equipment for sale at used prices

Hi home automation fans!
Some moons ago I purchased about $6,000 in security equipment from Home
Automation for installing in a business I had at the time.  The business
sold but without the equipment (I never got around to installing it).  All
the equipment is brand new, still in the box and I'm willing to sell
everything in the following list on a per piece basis.  This is roughly half
of what Home Automation charges for it.  Please make me an offer on
everything if you think you can use it.  You can get detailed information on
the following equipment from Home Automation
Systems map.html
Please email me for more information or for working a deal.
The following lists the new (still in box) units, the description and what
I'm asking per unit:
10   Glass Break Sensors (each)    $10.00
1    Hardwire 16 zone DSC3000 security system package with X-10 control
(includes panel w. locking metal enclosure, LCD keypad, AC adapter & Backup
battery.  $125.00
1     Extra LCD Keypad for security system    $40.00
1     Extra 7 Ah LeadAcid Gelcel battery    $12.00
1    30 Watt Weatherproof Siren    $15.00
1    Infra Red Beam Motion Detector Set (165' range)    $115.00
6    Twin Output PIR Motion Detector (45' coverage) each    $25.00
2    Pressure Sensitive Mats (each)    $30.00
3    Automatic Telephone Dialers (each)    $85.00
2    Slim Line Temp Alert Sensors (each)    $19.00
1    Magnetic Vehicle Sensor with 500' cable    $100.00
3    Super Long Range Wireless Transmitters (5 miles) 4 channels (each)
3    Super Long Range Wireless Receivers (5 miles) 4 channels (each)
2    High Security Keychain 3 button Remote (sets) (each)    $45.00
1    1/2 credit card size Video Camera with Audio    $90.00
2    900 MHz Wireless Video Surveillance System with Audio (each)    $170.00
1    Sony 24 hr Time Lapse VCR    $500.00 (from different company)
1    Sony Color Video Camera (works in all light conditions)    $275.00
(from different company)
8    Leviton Commercial Grade Occupancy Sensors (PIR light switches) each
Strange as it seems, I also have 432 (not a typo) 386 complete computer
systems in very good shape.  They include color monitors, mouse, keyboards,
etc.  There is a cool program that you can run under Windows called "Eye
Catcher" that allows you to turn your computer (these would work just fine)
into an alarm panel.
In any case, I'm selling these 386 systems for $200 each + shipping (I'm in
Tucson, AZ) or much cheaper if you buy in quanitity.

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