New color security cameras for your system

The TTA-4010AX is a 2.4GHz wireless color camera and receiver that connects to most any TV, video monitor or recorder. The portable color camera is powered either by batteries or power cord and transformer, and transmits audio and video signals to the receiver from up to 300ft away. The camera may be placed on a flat surface, walls or the ceiling with the built-in mounting holes. The specially designed super-strong bracket and camera head permit safe lens rotation to cover the widest viewing area. The 4-channel receiver can monitor up to four cameras and allows the user 2 viewing options: manually view one camera individually or switch to an automatic sequencing mode of all cameras at 4 or 8 second intervals. The TTA-4010AX camera and receiver have circular-polarized directional antennas for maximum signal quality over long distances. It comes complete with camera, receiver, power cord and transformer, RCA cable and instruction manual.


  • Receiver
  • 2.4GHz wireless color camera
  • Audio and Video signals can be received on TV, video monitor or recorder
  • 2.4Ghz eliminates most interference for quality superior to other wireless devices
  • Four independent selectable channels
  • Auto-sequencing, automatic switching between different cameras

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