New York show to feature 500 exhibitors
New York show to feature 500 exhibitors

Aug 1, 1998 12:00 PM
AC&SSI Staff

With more than 500 exhibitors and 115,000 square feet of displays, ISC Expo/New York '98 will showcase the present and future of security products and services. It will include security technologies ranging from access control and security hardware to integrated systems and home automation. Separate pavilions will feature access control/biometrics, CCTV, the European Association of Security Equipment Manufacturers, security hardware and home systems. ISC Expo will be held August 31-September 3 at New York City's Jacob Javits Convention Center. Managed by Association Expositions and Services (AEandS), a division of Reed Exhibition Companies, ISC Expo is sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA).

The following products are among those featured in the New Product Showcase, presented by the Security Industry Association (SIA) in conjunction with ISC/New York. Security industry professionals will evaluate the products based on level of innovation, value of the problems solved/needs addressed, ease of installation/implementation, and strengths and benefits versus costs. The judges will select award winners in categories such as Dealer's Choice, Specifier's Choice, CCTV Systems and Access Control Systems.

Remote surveillance module 8x8 Inc. The Remote Surveillance Module (RSM-1500) allows users to monitor up to three cameras from a remote location over standard telephone lines. The RSM-1500 delivers full-color motion video at up to 15 frames per second, complete with audio. In addition, the RSM-1500 supports digital pan/tilt/zoom camera control, high-resolution snapshot, automatic camera sequencing, pass-code access protection and VCR compatibility. The RSM-1500 does not require a personal computer.

All-inclusive system Ademco The all-inclusive LYNX system - integrated control panel, keypad, siren and dialer - is cost-effective, and quick to install. Featuring single-key operation, it speaks to users, describing system status in plain English. LYNX also offers a message center, paging capability and home automation features.

Pet-immune motion sensor Ademco The PI Motion Sensor Series provides effective pet immunity (PI) without sacrificing detection capability. Using advanced optic technology, each model costs the same as or less than comparable non-PI versions, according to the company. The motion sensors offer extra flexibility and tailorability according to pet weight, price limits and wired or wireless applications.

Long-range radio receiver AES-IntelliNet The System99 long range radio receiver is a low-cost stepping stone for alarm dealers to start up their own AES-IntelliNet system, according to the company. The receiver accepts signals from up to 99 subscribers, is upgradable, and includes two-way capabilities common to AES radio systems. Every transceiver is also a repeater. An optional concentrator is available to forward signals for dealers who use third-party monitoring.

Motion sensors C&K Systems C&K Systems introduces an addition to the long-range DUAL TEC family - the DT-900 Series motion sensors. Patterned after the original DUAL TEC, the 8100S Series, the DT-900 sensors also offer anti-masking for sabotage prevention, a ratcheted swivel base for aiming ease and accuracy, and adjustable range settings for protection in large pen spaces and long narrow applications.

High-resolution color CCD cameras C&K Systems C&K Systems introduces the IntelliSense IV460 Series 1/3-inch high resolution color CCD cameras. With a combined horizontal and vertical resolution of 460 lines, the IV460 is suitable for monitoring and surveillance. Automatic iris control provides a high-quality picture in a variety of lighting conditions including back-light or low-light. Operating temperature rangeis -14 degrees to 122 degrees F.

Passive infrared detector Detection Systems Inc. Detection Systems' DS160 is a passive infrared detector for request-to-exit (REX) applications. Features include Sequential Logic Input (SLI), a built-in timer, a door monitor with sounder alert, and pointable coverage.

Digital key telephone system Digital Security Controls Ltd. Communiqu? is a digital key telephone system that integrates common household electronic appliances into a single home automation package - telephone, answering machine, intercom, doorbell, radio/alarm clock, security and lighting control. The system also comes with Caller ID, auto fax recognition on all lines, built-in battery backup and voice mail as standard features. Power832 and MAXSYS security systems can be integrated to the Communiqu? phone system so that security and macro functionality may be performed through the telephone handset. The system is also suitable for business applications (limited voice mail) up to 8 lines.

Intelligent dome Gyyr Inc. Gyyr's new 5-inch Intelligent Dome offers smooth, jitter-free pan rates at slow or fast speeds. It also features 360-degree rotation, video tours, multi-protocol and bi-directional communication. Its universal design makes it easy to install and retrofit in most existing installations, according to Gyyr. Alarm capabilities, presets, on-board diagnostics and non-volatile memory for maintenance history are included. The polycarbonate, shatterproof enclosure adds strength and reliability, according to the company.

Proximity reader HID Corp. The new HID ProxPoint Proximity Reader is small and inconspicuous, according to HID. Reader electronics are potted, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. The low-cost ProxPoint reader is compatible with the existing installed base of HID products, according to the company.

Communications processor Hirsch Electronics A communications processor, the XBox enhances the capacity and performance of Hirsch's SCRAMBLE*NET Access Manager software by allowing access control networks with up to 256 channels of 63 DIGI*TRAC controllers each. It performs encryption and polling, offloading these tasks from the PC to improve PC performance. The Xbox also permits non-Hirsch-developed software products to communicate with a network of DIGI*TRAC controllers which support Hirsch's ScramblePad, ScrambleProx or conventional card readers.

Electronic cylindrical lock Ilco-Unican The Solitaire 1000 self-contained electronic cylindrical lock combines the features of a card-based access control system with the durability of a metal key system. The battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled, lever-operated lock uses Marlok keys and an infrared key reader to control access. The password-protected software includes programmable time zones and holidays. It can handle up to 3000 users per door and provide an audit trail of the last 2,000 accesses.

Electronic exit devices Locknetics The 6000 Series SmartExit family includes heavy-duty exit devices with state-of-the-art electronics and simplified mechanical designs. Units feature low-power consumption, dual- voltage or battery-powered operation. Models include delayed egress, electronic dogging, stairwell function and request-to-exit. Modular outside trim is available with a variety of Locknetics programmable access control solutions or can be configured to operate with other access control systems.

Computer security system Radionics Inc. RISSC is a totally independent system designed to operate on any computer and/or platform and does not require upgrading a computer system. RISSC provides a total physical-disconnect thereby preventing internal and external hackers access to critical information.

Request-to-exit push bar Security Door Controls PSB560 tri-fail safe request-to-exit push bar releases any magnetic lock when slight pressure is applied to the bar. When either of the two redundant solid state pressure sensors are activated, the circuitry releases the lock and door immediately. A third redundant mechanical switch is automatically activated to release a second circuit should the first circuit fail. Finding this automatic release switch does not require special knowledge. The door will always release.

Ceiling mount passive IR sensor Pulnix Sensors Inc. The Pulnix PA-6612 is a small ceiling mount passive infrared sensor with a twin inter-linked mirror system used in conjunction with two twin pyro electric elements. The PA-6612 reduces false alarms caused by small animals while maintaining performance for intruders. The detection pattern is 84 degrees with a range of 40 feet.

Talking remote wireless touch-pad Interactive Technologies Inc. ITI adds voice to a remote wireless Simon touch-pad. The talking touch-pad gives supervisory and alarm status reports from up to 500 feet away. Features include voice zone descriptors, light control and remote panic protection.

Guard against RF attack Radionics Inc. The HPM-110 detector guards against cyber-terrorists, according to Radionics. High Energy RF weaponry attacks can cripple or destroy electronic devices or magnetic storage in banks and corporations. Designed to detect dangerous levels of RF energy, HPM-110 will activate an internal relay when signals reach critical levels. When connected to a power shut-off device, HPM-110 will cause the device to shut down the system, reducing the chance of serious damage.

Photoelectric perimeter detector Optex America Inc. For outdoor perimeter protection, the BX-100 Boundary Guard is a slim 2x9 photoelectric detector for the exterior surface of buildings, protecting multiple doors and windows.

Wireless system Sentrol Inc. Sentrol's wireless system employs a 418MHz FM carrier and Frequency Shift Key (FSK) modulation. The technology provides affordable communication integrity and reliability, according to Sentrol. Designed for the Moose ZX Series panels, the system offers system design and installation flexibility. Other features include user-friendly keypads, exclusive anti-cloning remote, and pleasing aesthetics, according to Sentrol. The CleanMe smoke detector maintenance signal reduces false alarms.

Modular hybrid control panel Interactive Technologies Inc. The Concord modular hybrid control panel is an entry-level panel that is easily upgraded to a high-end, feature-rich system at a competitive price, according to ITI. It features 76 zones, two partitions, and 60 user codes. Concord's SnapCards make expansion efficient, according to ITI.

Stand-alone electronic door locks Mas-Hamilton Group The Mas-Hamilton Group Inc. will release a series of stand-alone electronic access control door locks, utilizing no-battery PowerStar Technology. This series provides keyless entry and access control, enabling management to audit activity and handle user-data with a Smart Key.

Telephone line protector NTSI LINEPROTECT is a patent-pending technology to construct a high impact copolymer, conductive laminate into an electronic shield that protects the telephone line, yet the outer surfaces are weatherproof. LINEPROTECT is tamper resistant - removing or penetrating the shield will trigger an alarm to the central station before the phone line can be severed. LINEPROTECT requires no power and weighs only 4 pounds.

Annunciator system Optex America Inc. Optex's Long Range Wireless 1000 Annunciator System alerts users to the approach of visitors, provides outdoor perimeter protection and other light security applications. Both the PIR transmitter (TD-10U) and the push-button (TS-10U) transmitter are weatherproof. The receiver (RC-10U) has three tones to identify the transmitter sending the signal, a latching alarm zone, and a 1 Amp form C relay for activating door strikes, lights, CCTV and other uses.

Shear-aligning electromagnetic lock Securitron Magnalock Corp. The Shear-Aligning Magnalock is the first design that gives the advantages of a direct pull electromagnetic lock in a shear lock format. The patent-pending self-aligning feature, using fewer moving parts, assures consistent locking without the use of special electronics or sensors for critical alignment. It operates on a dual voltage 12 or 24v DC while consuming only 3.5 watts of power.

Motorized electric strike Securitron Magnalock Corp. The UnLatch motorized electric strike installs in a standard ANSI 47/8-inch cutout, without door frame modification. This UnLatch action pushes the door latch into the lock body, releasing the door even under 30 pounds of pre-load, and unlike conventional electric strikes, the UnLatch maintains continuous dead latch security. Also offered are a 250,000-cycle duty and a two-year warranty.

Maintaining telephone access equipment Select Engineered Systems Inc. Select Engineered Systems introduces Selcom Suite for programming and maintaining the company's Telephone Access Equipment and Card Reader Option. The 32-bit programs for Windows 95/NT, Selcom Suite manages data entry, changes, updates, transaction logs, scheduling of updates, retrieval and reports. Four programs lessen memory requirements. Selcom Suite has easy-to-understand screens and controls.

Beam smoke detector Sentrol Inc. Less than half the size of other beam detectors, the ESL 770 Series Projected Beam Smoke Detector provides excellent fire detection in tough applications, while blending in with the environment. Servicing and testing of the detector can be done at ground level. Automatic drift compensation extends time between cleanings and reduces the chance of a false alarm. An optional LED meter indicates transmitter and receiver alignment, reducing installation time.

Bullet-resistant video camera Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd. The V100 combines unparalleled durability with high performance video imaging. The V100 was designed and tested to meet the requirements of UL 752 for bullet resisting equipment and will withstand assault from a 9mm handgun or 12-gauge shotgun. The lens window is made of 1/2-inch Lexguard polycarbonate. The marine grade aluminum enclosure is machined for durability; it is weather sealed. The stainless steel U-bracket attaches to a solid metal block for durability and adjustable camera angle.

12-inch sealed dome Videolarm Inc. Videolarm's new PressurDome is sealed with a positive charge of nitrogen, protecting CCTV equipment from a spectrum of corrosive elements - from destructive weather to vandals. Dust, bugs and moisture cannot penetrate the system; less maintenance is required, according to the company. The 12-inch PressurDome comes with a high-speed, integral pan/tilt and camera with auto-focus and zoom lens; or it accepts Burle/Philips' AutoDome, Sensormatic's UltraDome, and Panasonic's WV-CS604/404.

Duct smoke detector System Sensor The System Sensor Innovair DH100 Series Duct smoke detector offers enhancements in signaling and ease of installation and maintenance. The multi-unit interconnect affords simple and cost effective code compliance. Cover-missing signal provides supervision of the unit, guaranteeing system integrity. Additional design enhancements include a telescoping sampling tube, field replaceable power and sensor boards and Easy Clean detector design.

Data communications and handline Sur-Gard Security Communication SG Security Communications, a division of Sur-Gard Security, introduces the MLR-2000 Virtual Receiver. Utilizing data communication handling and processing, the MLR-2000 Receiver provides answers to the rapidly expanding Central Station, according to the company. TCP/IP, Ethernet, Unix and Digital Signal Processing are combined. DNIS and Caller ID recognition provides for virtual processing reduced line card requirements and stored handshake profiles.

Secure transmission codes Visonic Inc. Every day, criminals clone cellular phone codes, car alarm and garage door opener codes. Potential intruders are now copying security alarm system codes from mobile transmitters used for remote access control and for arming/disarming alarm systems. Visonic Ltd. Code-Secure technology solves the problem. When a Visonic Code-Secure transmitter sends a transmission, it uses a different code known only to its intended receiver

Two-way digital cellular transceiver UPLINK Security Inc. The UPLINK DigiCell 1600 is a two-way digital cellular transceiver for use with selected alarm panels. It provides the lowest cost, two-way alarm transmission over the existing cellular network's control channel. It offers a 10-minute plug-in installation to those panels and has an option for packaged summary or full reporting data. The unit has a built-in signal strength tester. The 1600 offers high reliability, low cost, existing cellular system coverage and convenience.

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