New Wine Storage Facility Opens in New York City

Brix Wine Vault offers professional wine storage to private wine collectors, restaurants and retail store clients. Our prices are the best in the market, our location convenient and our customer service unmatched by the competition.

January 4, 2005 -- Located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, Brix Wine Vault offers state-of-the-art wine storage services for both the discerning private wine collector and the most select restaurant and retail store clients. In our vibration-free underground chamber we guarantee an ideally consistent 55 temperature and 70% relative humidity environment to ensure the proper care of your pristine wine. Our 24-hour security system features elaborate camera monitoring and motion sensitive locks.

We pride ourselves on our swift, reliable and courteous professional delivery staff and our special delivery vehicles. Our location allows for quick and convenient entry into Manhattan and across Brooklyn into the other boroughs and beyond. Our computerized inventory control system enables our customers to have full online access to their inventory and facilitates the process of both delivery and removal of individual bottles or cases of wine.

And, as New Yorkers, we understand that every penny counts! As a result, our mission is to offer the most competitive storage and handling rates within the city limits without sacrificing an iota of service. Shop around, compare and then see why we beat our peers on service and price!

Please visit our website or call for prices and availabilities.

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