New Camwear "Wearable" Surveillance System from North American Video

North American Video, one of the security industry's leading systems integrators, has announced the availability of a new personal "wearable" video surveillance system for myriad applications. The new Camwear 100 allows the user to be part of the action while capturing digital video images without having to hold a camera or camcorder. The ultra small system features digital video and audio recording in a comprehensive and affordable package.

"Portable video systems have a multitude of uses in law enforcement applications - both for field work and training," said Cynthia Freschi, President of North American Video. "This unique wearable digital video system is ideal for situational training by police departments, fire departments and other emergency response organizations since it provides a recorded history from an individual's perspective."

The Camwear 100 features "after-the-fact" technology that allows the user to instantly view the last 30 seconds of recorded video with the press of a button. The system also comes with editing software that allows you to edit and capture still frames from the video. Additional features of the Camwear 100 include: full motion video at 30 fps; 24 bits of brightness; digital video and audio recording/playback; MPEG-4 technology; 16 bit audio with 32kHz sampling rate; 64MG SD card memory upgradeable to 512MB; a 4-hour Lithium Ion battery; and a 110 volt charger.

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