New AFINETY Remote Monitoring System from American Fibertek

American Fibertek, Inc.'s innovative new remote monitoring system called "AFINETY" allows security professionals to access the status of any of the American Fibertek's digital fiber optic transceivers and the cameras they are connected to using a standard web browser. As a result, status can be monitored from virtually any location where internet service is accessible.

In the event of an alarm condition, AFINETY emails the system administrator with real time status of the problem. As a result, alarms can be instantly evaluated as "hard" or "soft" failures so technicians can equip themselves with the equipment they need.

"Our new AFINETY remote monitoring system further enhances the effectiveness of our digital fiber optics transceivers by providing comprehensive remote system monitoring capabilities," said Jack Fernandes, president and CEO at American Fibertek, Inc. "As the industry continues its migration towards a digitally networked platform, we will continue to develop and introduce digital products designed to handle the speed and bandwidth requirements necessary for enterprise wide system applications."

Afinety is a firmware driven monitoring module designed as displayed within a Web browser. The system offers extensive system status monitoring for American Fibertek's continually expanding line of digital transceivers employed on a network platform. Remote access to AFINETY is accessible from any PC on the network or any PC with remote access capabilities to the host network without the need for additional plug-ins.

AFINETY provides a direct ID/status link to each transceiver in the system including the name/location of the site, rack identification, the type of device in each slot of the rack, the serial number of the device and run time hours. Status indication includes power, video level to verify camera operation, optical loss, temperature, contact status and signal verification. AFINETY is also password protected to prevent unauthorized access to system status information.

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