New 28in. Locking Blade For Entry Door Puts Deadbolts To Shame
The MacLock Blade Locking System is an innovative new security product that provides a maximum amount of protection for apartment, condo and single-family home entry doors. Nearly two thirds of all break-ins are achieved through entry doors, typically by kicking or prying the doors. Deadbolts have proven ineffective in preventing forced entry because they provide only one inch of surface contact between the door and frame. This concentrates all the stress from forced entries in one single area, often resulting in door or frame failure.

The MacLock overcomes this limitation by utilizing a locking blade that extends from the door through steel strike plates located in the door and jamb. It provides 28 inches of surface area and locking power. This virtually eliminates lock, jamb and door failures. ?I want to have as much locking ability as possible on my entry doors without having to look like a scene from a Woody Allen movie?, says Alexis Willingham, the MacLock?s patent holder. ?The MacLock gives me the comfort and security I want with practicality in design and operation.?

Most locking systems on the market provide limited strength and protection. Multiple locks or deadbolts can spoil the aesthetics. The MacLock allows the homeowner or apartment/condo dweller to have a superior locking system, with the outward appearance of a single deadbolt. It can be easily installed on existing or custom-built doors.

?I believe the MacLock will set a new standard for the deadbolt industry and will provide consumers with a far superior locking solution,? says Alexis. ?It?s a far superior locking system than any other residential entry door lock.?

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