Network Camera Kit Includes Video Server for Viewing and Recording Over Any PC

  • View and record video from any Internet-connected PC
  • Video server supports up to 2 cameras
  • Kit includes a 6-LED ultra-compact day/night color camera

    Looking for a surveillance system that allows you to stream video images directly to the Internet without a computer? The Day/Night Network Camera Solution includes an indoor/outdoor color camera as well as a two-channel network video server that allows you to view and record video from any Internet-connected PC. The included software allows you to monitor multiple cameras on one screen and to archive streaming video directly to your hard drive.

    The Lorex video module is a compact standalone web server capable of remote video surveillance. Once installed, you'll be able to check any of the connected PC cameras using a standard web browser. Monitor and control these cameras from anywhere in the world via a standard browser. Each system can simultaneously support any two USB PC cameras (even infrared or pan-tilt-zoom). With its built-in web server, the Lorex module can stream video images directly to the Internet without have to go through a computer.

    Setup is easy, using the server's LCD display, which also shows how many cameras are connected as well as the network parameters, including IP address, subnet mask and gateway address. Connect your Lorex module to a spare LAN port on your broadband router (sold separately) using the supplied network cable. You'll be able to set up and configure your camera and PC to be able to view the video images from within your Local Area Network (LAN) with the included software that allows you to view and record the video images from the Lorex module cameras on your PC.

    Use the included Lorex Player software to select camera servers and individual cameras, to control cameras, and to view, record and access video content. The Lorex Player software creates an event log, notating such events as connecting to or disconnecting from a camera, recording or stopping the recording of a camera's video, and the accessing of archived materials. Take advantage of the system's motion detection feature. When in the motion-detection mode, the camera will capture images or video and can send them to either the email account or accounts you specify or to an FTP server.

    Since recording and viewing is done over your PC, you'll be able to save this data for future viewing. Capture a single frame of video or all video recorded. You'll be able to look back through the video archives, locating specific video by date or by glancing at a log created of motion-triggered events. Additional viewing options include slow or fast playback and frame-by-frame viewing.

    By registering to use a Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) service, you'll be able to locate your home network from any location. Most routers can be set up so that you'll be able to access LAN devices remotely in order to access the video stream and view video images.

    If you prefer a camera with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, try the Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera Solution.

    Install a protective housing (sold separately) for the camera for outdoor use.


    Lorex Product No.:


    USB cable length 1.8 meter

    Day/Night Camera

    1.3" x 3" x 2.2" (35mm W x 75mm H x 57mm D)

    .33 lb. (150g)

    1/3" color CMOS VGA sensor with 350,000 pixels

    IR LED effective up to 6.5 feet (2.0 meters) at night

    Picture Format:
    640x480, 352x288, 320x240, 176x144, 160x120 (CIF, VGA), RGB24

    Frame Rate:
    Up to 30fps @ CIG, 10-15fps @ VGA

    USB Compliance:
    USB interface, compliant to USB 1.1

    Adjustable-focus lens

    Focus Distance:
    2 inches (5cm) to infinity

    Visual Angle:
    51/60o horizontal

    Auto Adjust:
    White balance, exposure, color/brightness, sharpness, contrast, light source

    Operating Temperature:
    32o C to 104o F (0o C to 40o C)

    Powered by USB 5V

    Network Video Server

    1.9" x 2.5" x .8" (48mm x 63mm x 21mm)

    .17 lb. (75g)

    320 x 240 CMOS VGA

    Frame Rate:
    Up to 20FPS @ 320 x 240

    2 USB

    USB Compliance:
    1.1 & 2.0 compliant

    Network Access:
    10/100 Mbps fast Ethernet

    32-bit RISC CPU inside

    1MB flash memory, 8MB dynamic memory

    User Accounts:

    Operating Temperature:
    32o C to 140o F (0o C to 60o C)

    Operating Humidity:
    10% to 90%

    Power Input:
    5.3vDC 1A max.

    System Requirements:
    Windows XP/2000; Pentium III 800mHz; 128MB RAM; 64MB free HDD space

    Network Protocol:

    Event Log:
    2000 events maximum

  • Camera

  • Video server

  • Software CD-ROM

  • Power supply

  • Ethernet cable

  • USB cord

  • Instructions