Skyway Network Security Cameras and Servers




:: LWS - 720 - Price $499.00 ::

:: LWS - 721 Wireless - Price $599.00


::: LWS-721 offers a complete solution in a single unit providing real-time digital video transmission for surveillance or remote monitoring allowing connection of two analog cameras for display/record on your PC added with the convenience of wireless mobility.

LWS-721 has 2 analog camera inputs. (By controlling Dip switch, You can choose 2 video inputs or 1 input & 1 output) So, LWS-721 can be easily integrated into your current CCTV system without changing or removing any existing camera, resulting in substantial cost-savings.

LWS-721 has PCMCIA slot for wireless communication. You can use 802.11b Wireless LAN card or CDMA card for your preferred mobile communication environment. LWS-721 offers great flexibility since it supports various types of networks such as Ethernet, xDSL, cable modem and PSTN.

LWS-721 delivering crystal clear JPEG images with frame rate of up to 30 frames per second. LWS-721 revolutionizes the CCTV and surveillance system by introducing wireless IEEE 802.11b and CDMA support. It provides a complete solution in a single unit for real-time digital video transmission for surveillance monitoring over any network including LAN/WLAN/WAN/ or even over the CDMA. It connects directly to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network for LAN/WAN and supported by IEEE 802.11b wireless technology or CDMA with Web-based solutions.

LWS-721 is easy to use as the Wireless Video Server can be installed in an instant by connecting the video sources CCTV camera, attach the LWS-721 to a network, assign a network address and ready for use. The applications for the LWS-721 are unlimited with remote/local monitoring, security surveillance with video recording and snapshot function. LWS-721 features motion detection and alarm function. Images can be remotely saved and then retrieved as needed.

Supporting auxiliary alarm port, you can connect the LWS-721 to a variety of external devices such as IR-sensors, switches and alarm relays. It can be connecting to two external alarm input and 1 external alarm input output. When a trigger is set off you can configure to send-mail messages with maximum 21 images. It is the ideal solution for banks, offices, factory, shops and even at home to secure a peace of mind.

When you combine the LWS-721 with your internet network, you will have the perfect solution for a wide range of web attraction, web promotion, remote surveillance and security applications.

LWS-720 with the same functionality of LWS-721 but without wireless support.





Wise Cam Multi Viewer Demo
Monitoring 16 channels with Wise Cam Multi Viewer

AVI Demo
Playing saved file(avi format) in window Media Player
PDA Demo
Monitoring remote site with PDA (Pan /Tilt/Zoom function)


Wise Cam (LWC-500)   --   Price $895.00
Wise Cam  Server (LWS-700 -4 Camera)  -- Price $949.00
NET9600 --  Price SALE $449.00
Wise Camera Server (LWS-720- 2 Camera) -  Package Price $499.00
MaxWatch 1150 Pan Tilt Zoom PTZ IP camera -- Price $1,049.00
SKY-PT3118* & 3116 Pan Tilt Wireless* IP camera -- Price $445.00 - $495.00*

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