Need The Perfect Engine With Pulling Power And Great Gas Mileage?

Smeding's Brute Torque 383 Stroker Crate Engine Produces Gobs Of Low-End Torque For Towing

Rancho Cordova, CA January 20, 2005 -- Having a hard time pulling that trailer? Or going up that hill? Do you need some serious pulling power? Smeding Performance's Brute Torque 383 Stroker crate engine provides gobs of bottom-end torque for towing and other heavy-duty uses. Plus, with high vacuum, it offers good fuel economy, too.

There's a reason Smeding named this motor the Brute Torque 383 Stroker. The stroked Chevrolet small-block engine produces serious torque right off the idle, with at least 400 lb-ft from 2,000 through 4,300 rpm. Torque peaks at 430 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm, and horsepower peaks at 345 at 4,500 rpm.

This Smeding crate engine is not a rebuild. The Brute Torque 383 Stroker starts out with a brand-new GM 350 4-bolt-main block. This block is modified to accept a new nodular iron crankshaft and steel connecting rods. The rotating assembly is spin balanced to within 1 gram to assure smooth operation and longer engine life.

To create all that bottom-end torque, Smeding specially modifies the small but efficient Torker cylinder heads to precisely match the flow characteristics of a .427-inch-lift hydraulic roller camshaft. The heads feature 1.94 and 1.50 stainless valves and roller-tip rockers.

A hypereutectic, graphite-coated piston is used, along with moly rings, to assure a better combustion seal and virtually no piston scuffing. The stroker engine is assembled with a new double roller timing gear set, Melling oil pump, Fel-Pro gaskets and an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold.

Smeding's Brute Torque 383 Stroker crate engine is perfect for towing and 4-wheel-drive 3/4- and 1-ton trucks. It features 9.0:1 compression, so it can run all day on pump gas. And to reduce maintenance demands, Smeding uses a hydraulic roller camshaft. There's no valve lash to set, so vehicle owners can treat this engine just like the one in a brand-new vehicle.

Smeding sells the Brute Torque 383 Stroker for $3,695. A smog-legal version is available for $3,775. The stroked small-block Chevy engine comes with a standard two-year limited warranty.

Smeding Performance specializes in building reliable, low-maintenance crate engines for truck and car applications. These engines are not rebuilds: All Smeding crate engines feature brand-new engine blocks and brand-new premium components. For more information, contact Smeding Performance, Dept. ___, 3340 Sunrise Blvd. #E, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, 916-638-0899,

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