National Notification Network (3n) Answers the Call for Fast and Reliable Emergency Notification in Today's Post 9-11 World
Since the events of 9-11 the need for fast and reliable emergency notification has increased significantly. The automated notification solution from National Notification Network (3n) has responded to this need by developing an emergency notification system that is capable of delivering critical information simply, rapidly, and precisely to a large number of people in a time of crisis.

(PRWEB) March 11 2004-- Due in large part to the events of 9-11, the need for fast and reliable emergency communication has never been greater. In response to this need, National Notification Network, (3n) a leading provider of innovative notification systems, has developed an emergency alert notification system that is capable of delivering critical information from one point of access to thousands of recipients simultaneously.

To the American people, crises up until a few years ago primarily included natural disasters (e.g. fires, earthquakes, tornados, floods, hurricanes, etc?) or unnatural disasters (e.g. chemical spills or gas pipeline explosion). Theses disasters were perceived to be isolated, unfortunate events affecting only ill-fated areas, people, and organizations.

Today, however, potential crisis to the American people include: terrorist attacks, bombings, hijackings, random sniper shootings, biochemical warfare, food and water contamination, and information sabotage. The perception of crisis has changed from something isolated and distant, affecting ill-fated strangers, to something that can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Thus, the overwhelming need and willingness to pay for an emergency notification service, such as 3n?s emergency notification system, to gain peace of mind has surfaced and grown steadily.

The most accepted method of notification in an emergency in the past was a single-party phone call. This call provided instant connection and distribution from one party to the next. For a small group, this system fits well and allows direct communication and confirmation of receipt. For larger organizations, manually dialed phone trees (tiered systems of call assignment and forwarding) have been developed to accomplish this as quickly as possible.

However, phone trees have inherent inefficiencies. They are dependent on each level of the tree being accessible, and for each level to have correct, up-to-date contact information so the message can be delivered. The larger the organization, the longer and more difficult the cycle of delivery and confirmation of receipt of information. It could take over 24+ hours to get an 80% delivery rate with confirmation of receipt.

Innovative technologies from 3n now provide organizations with powerful integrated telephony and data communications platform. The 3n platform enables a subscribing customer in an emergency or non-emergency situation, to access the 3n web interface or make one toll-free call from a touch-tone phone, from anywhere at any time, and notify one, ten, or thousands of people of critical information within minutes with one call ? reaches all technology. Those notified are contacted via multiple voice and text devices/methods, including work phone, home phone, cell phone, pager, fax, e-mail, instant message, PDA and Blackberry personal communicator. When successful contact is confirmed, a real-time report of message receipt is provided to the originating entity via fax, Internet interface, or e-mail.

Imagine for a moment, if a CEO of a company housed in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center could have sent this message to his staff, ?Please exit the building immediately. If you are not already at work, do not come in today. I will update you as the day goes on.? Once the call had been completed, the 3n Notification System would have immediately begun contacting the specified contact list. This message would have gone out to every work phone, home phone, cell phone, pager, fax, e-mail, PDA and Blackberry personal communicator in his organization, and would have saved lives. This is a service any affected CEO would have paid for that day or any day since.

?With heightened concern over national security, the need for communication to personnel continues to be top priority for many organizations. Beyond national security, day-to-day communication, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, emergency response, administrative messaging, and utilization of disparate communication platforms, provide unlimited uses for the 3n Notification System,? says Steve Kirchmeier, Chief Operating Officer, National Notification Network.

The emergency notification system from 3n has answered the call for fast and reliable emergency notification ? making ineffective phone trees a thing of the past and the 3n Emergency Notification one call-reaches all system the communication and notification tool for today?s post 9-11 world.

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