Mysterious 'Blob' Recorded By Security Camera
Security camera footage of an unexplained presence moving across a Devon school playground has baffled experts.

The caretaker of Uffculme School, Chris Bale, found the footage while searching through CCTV security film in the hope of catching a thief.

An electric cement mixer was taken from a shed near to where the camera is placed sometime between Friday evening and just before 6am on Monday.

Chris said: "The mixer is fairly heavy, quite bulky and on wheels.

"You could push it on your own but you wouldn't get far unless you had a vehicle.

"And you can't drive in because we have got security bars at the entrance, so they had to walk in."

He was confident footage from the eight cameras dotted around the school would reveal the culprit because they cover the surrounding area.

Instead, a 憇nowy' blob, which looks nothing like a person, moves very slowly, backwards and forwards across the path of the camera lens. He said: "It happens over the space of about 10 minutes, starting at 1.28am on April 21.

"If it is a person, it should be in focus because the rest of the picture is in focus."

Yesterday, convinced there must be a rational explanation, the school called an engineer from Metcalfe Allen CCTV installers to inspect the equipment and film. But they could not explain the 憄resence' either.

The engineer who looked at the tapes said: "I don't know what has caused it.

"It could be a trick of the light, maybe.

"You can't tell if it is a person but, if it is, maybe they wore some sort of reflective clothing."

He added that a snowy image indicates that there is not enough light so the school has decided to install better lighting.

But a bin in the foreground of the footage, is clearly defined and it is only the 憄resence', which passes very close to the bin several times, that is unidentifiable.

Police are keen to hear from anyone who knows anything about the missing cement mixer

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