Multi-Zone Distribution Without Signal Loss!
  • Split your CD player signals between multiple receivers
  • You won't have to settle for distorted audio and video
  • Distribute signals up to seven different receivers or monitors
  • Now available for component video, composite video and S-Video So, exactly how do you take a single audio-video device's output and connect it to more than one receiver? Most people use cheapo Y-splitters and live with the darker picture and distorted audio. But with these high-quality distribution amplifiers, you can split the signal without loss or degradation.

    These audio / video distribution amplifiers split source devices like CD players, satellite dish receivers, or any audio / video device's signals up to seven ways without signal loss. This is essential when you want to use one signal source with many amplifiers in a multi-zone system. For example, a 200-disc CD changer can be fed to the main home theater amplifier, the amp for the patio and yard, and a couple of Kustom 6 whole-house audio amplifiers.

    These audio / video amplifiers accept a base band composite audio / video signal via RCA type cables from any source and distribute it out to a maximum of seven monitors, TVs or any device looking for an audio or video signal all without any signal losses. Power supply included.