Multi-Channel Modulators that Support Stereo Audio

  • Retains left/right stereo channels
  • S-Video or composite video inputs
  • Integrated IR output and support for IR-Over-Coax Systems
  • Easy push-button tuning
  • Great for DVD players or satellite receivers

    These multi-channel s-video modulators allow full MTS stereo sound. Not only can you get access to cable TV, satellite TV or a security camera on every TV in the house, now you can experience it with stereo audio. Fully compatible with Dolby Pro Logic these modulators will pass stereo sources to all remote television locations. Best of all, these are the first modulators we've offered that use the superior s-video connectors (composite to s-video adapters are included). For loop-though connections where the signal goes into the modulator then on to a local TV or audio receivers, an output jack is provided.

    Stereo Sound
    When distributing satellite signals and DVD movies think of the loss in viewing quality if you didn't have stereo sound. These multi-channel s-video modulators deliver stereo and are compatible with Dolby Pro Logic to enhance your viewing experience. Watch movies and programs the way they were intended to!

    Integrated IR Control
    Get access to cable TV, satellite TV or a security camera on every TV in the house and the ability to remotely control the component with any remote control with these multi-channel modulators with IR Outputs. These modulators with loop-out capabilities and integrated IR control offer IR emitter output jacks and the ability to remotely power 7712 Video Distribution Panels from up to 75' away, eliminating the need to run a power line to the panel.

    Control the Source From Any TV
    One of the challenges of having one A/V device servicing multiple TVs is controlling that device. Unless you like running back to the DVD player (to pause the movie) or satellite receiver (to change the channel), you'll need a way to get the remote control signals back to the source device. These modulators have integrated IR control engines that can manage all this. Just mount a IR Wall Plate (#7713WRA) in a room and plug in an IR Sensor (#7718WR) and you'll be able to send remote control signals back to the modulator over coaxial cable. Plug an IR Emitter (#8170 or #8171) into one of the four jacks and attach to the front of the AV device. These modulators with IR Outputs work with both 12-volt and 5-volt IR systems and accessories.

    Why You Need a Modulator
    These multi-channel modulators convert any baseband video and audio signal to a user-selected UHF or Ultraband CATV TV channel. Internal quartz crystal reference oscillators and PLL circuitry ensure drift-free performance. The user selects the output frequency (channel) using the "program" button to enter the number of the desired channel. Any TV connected to the output via coax can receive the signals, when the TV is tuned to the proper channel.

    Can Also Feed a Local Monitor, VCR or PVR
    These modulators with IR Outputs offer 75-ohm termination jumpers to loop-through the video and audio signals. The loop-through connections incorporate active termination loop outs eliminating the need for jumpers or specialized Y adapters. The loop out does not affect the quality of the audio/video signal. Includes power supply.

    Models share the following specifications unless otherwise noted.
    7701RM modulates 4 channels and the 7701S modulates 2 channels .

    Smarthome product no
    7701RM 7701S

    ChannelPlus product no
    SVM-24 SVM-22



    Video Performance
    differential gain

    differential phase


    RF Output

    channel ranges
    65-125 (excluding 95-99)

    Power supply
    output current

    output voltage
    15 VDC

    input power
    105-125 VAC

    1.75" (4.4cm)

    17" (43.2cm)

    6.5" (16.5cm)

    2lbs 10oz (1.19kg)

    MTS audio performance
    frequency range

    65 dB

    25dB @ 1000Hz

    surround sound
    Compatible with Dolby full logic surround sound

    noise reduction
    Certified dbx

    1 year