Motorola Wired Camera Captures Still Images and Video with Sound

  • Base station supports up to 3 wired cameras
  • Easy to install
  • Get real-time notifications when trouble occurs
  • 24/7 online and toll-free technical customer support

    You don't have to be at home to know when the kids get home from school, a package is dropped at your front door, or someone enters you home. Expand your Motorola Home Monitoring Starter Kit by adding up to three wired cameras to keep an eye on your home. Each Motorola Wired Camera captures color still images and video with sound. The starter kit is sold separately.

    You'll see everything clearly with this full-color camera complete with motion detection and a built-in microphone to transmit sound. The Motorola Wired Camera is designed to capture still images and video clips of events as they happen, then send images and text alerts to your cell phone or email or store them on your hard drive for viewing anytime.

    Useful inside and outside the home or office, the Motorola Wired Camera installs in seconds to add another view into your Home Monitoring & Control System. Mounting hardware is included for mounting the camera anywhere within 60 feet of the base station.

    The Motorola Home Monitoring Starter Kit is easily expandable and customizable to meet your security needs. Add a Wireless Camera to capture still images and video with sound that transmits wirelessly. The Motorola Home Monitoring Starter Kit accepts up to eight sensors, as well, which can trigger real-time notifications. The allows you to monitor entry points. A allows you to monitor temperature levels, and the detects the presence of water and/or problematic leaks.


    Motorola Product No.:


    3 1/2" x 3 1/8" x 2 3/8"

    System Requirements:
    Motorola Home Monitoring Starter Kit or base station/gateway

    60 feet

    FCC compliant

    1 year, limited

  • Wired camera

  • 60-foot extension cable

  • Mounting hardware

  • Quick start guide