Motorola Home Monitoring and Control
The Motorola Broadband portfolio of Home Monitoring a nd Control solutions showcased at CES 2004 (8-11 Jan., Central Hall, Booth #8545, Las Vegas Convention Center), offers consumers a new level of security and efficiency ? keeping them connected to digital information and entertainment within their home environment using the powerful broadband connection.

Motorola HM1000 PC-Based Home Monitoring and Control

The Motorola HM1000 is a do-it-yourself, PC-based home monitoring and control solution that provides homeowners with simple access and control of their household systems and devices.

The HM1000 Starter Kit includes everything a consumer needs to begin monitoring his or her house, including Motorola Home Monitoring and Control software, a USB controller, and a wireless camera. Consumers can customize the system for their particular household needs, adding wireless cameras, motion and contact sensors, and appliance sensors for water heaters and thermostats.

The HM1000 installs in three easy steps:

Install the software.
Connect USB controller.
Connect devices through one touch discovery.

Users will be able to upgrade from the HM1000 to the complete Shell HomeGenie? (detail below) service without the purchase of additional equipment.

Motorola MS1000 Platform

The Motorola MS1000 is a next -generation broadband gateway built on the reliable, proven technology within Motorola?s leading lines of digital set-tops and cable modems. The product is simple to set up and is a self-contained appliance. When attached to a broadband connection (cable or DSL), the MS1000 instantly creates a robust home networking environment complete with file sharing, digital music, media streaming , and other ?whole-home? applications. An integrated hard drive provides room for thousands of files and hundreds of hours of digital media ? enough space for every member of the household.

As the platform for Motorola?s premium home monitoring and control offering, the MS1000 enables consumers to subscribe to the Shell HomeGenie service. Shell HomeGenie is a home management system that provides consumers with simple, Webbased remote access of household systems and devices. Through a network of connected power switches, motion sensors, wireless cameras, and a programmable thermostat, the service enables homeowners to stay connected to their home, even when away. Users can remotely monitor home security, control heating, cooling, and lighting systems, and receive email notifications ? all through the broadband connectivity of the MS1000.

Through the MS1000, consumers will also be able to subscribe to future advanced broadband applications offered by a service provider by downloading new software applications, and/or adding external hardware components. The Motorola MS1000 includes USB, PCI PCMCIA, Ethernet WAN/LAN and serial ports, and its Linux-based architecture supports Java and OSGi?. Expected Availability: Through Shell?s HomeGenie Service in the first half of 2004 Image: Motorola currently offers broadband-enabled products in over 7,000 retail locations, including Circuit City, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Office Depot, and Wal*Mart.

About Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

The Motorola Broadband Communications Sector provides a scalable, integrated end - to-end system for the delivery of broadband services that keeps consumers informed, entertained and connected. Its technology enables network operators and retailers to create and execute on new business opportunities by providing innovative products and services to the home. Customer-responsive design and manufacturing expertise further contribute to the company?s position as the world's leading supplier of digital cable settops and cable modems. For more information about the Motorola Broadband Communications Sector, visit

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