Monitor Your Security Camera Over the Internet

  • Remote monitoring from any PC via Internet
  • Digital recording of live video to PC
  • Alarm notification via telephone, pager or email

    Turn your color security camera into a surveillance device that can be accessed and controlled over the Internet. The Video Grabber USB w/Cable and Software includes everything you'll need to hook your security camera to your computer to watch a live video feed over the Internet, save digital video to your PC, and set up timed events and motion detector-triggered alerts for better security of your home or business. A color camera and PC are required for operation but are not included in this kit.

    This system consists of software and the Video Grabber with USB cable. The Video Grabber is a PC interface that allows you to connect a security camera to your PC. The software application enables you to monitor and protect your business, home or office from across the hall or around the world.

    Setting up the system is easy. Once the software and drivers are installed, connect the Video Grabber to the USB port on your computer using its attached cable. Connect your color camera's RCA audio/video cable to the Video Grabber, and you're ready to go. Using the supplied software, open the connection window to monitor the video feed, enable remote locations to monitor the local camera, and set up any events or alarms with their corresponding actions.

    The system has a built-in pixel-based motion sensor. If movement is detected within the camera screen, various alarm sequences will commence. These actions are easily configurable using the system software. You can arrange to be notified via text message or a call to your phone, cell or pager if an alarm is triggered. In addition, the camera's feed can be recorded to your PC's hard drive for a time you specify, and an audio alert can be sent from a remote computer.

    In addition, you can schedule events, sets of actions designated to occur on a weekly basis at predetermined times, such as taking a digital snapshot at a specific time or turning your lights off at night if you have X10 accessories (sold separately).

    If directed to, the camera can actually record its feed onto your computer's hard drive, where it can be stored or transferred and burned onto a DVD for backup records. To monitor the live video feed and establish or modify alarms and events remotely, just install the software CD at another location and launch the application.


    Lorex Product No.:


    3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2"

    Pentium II or higher

    32 MB

    Windows O/S:
    Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

    Video Card:
    Any VGA-compatible video card

    800 x 600 VGA

    Sound Card:

    Disk Space:
    40 MB available hard disk space

    28 bps or higher modem

    CD-ROM drive required for software installation

    Computer Connection:

    Motion Detection Ranges:
    Up to 5 feet, 5 to 10 feet, 10 to 20 feet, more than 20 feet

    FCC compliant

    1 year, limited

  • Video Grabber with 5 ft. USB cable

  • Microsoft 2000/XP Certified DVS application software

  • Instructions

  • Warranty card