MobileSafety with GPS Technology
Helping to protect you in ways you never imagined. At ADT, we help millions of families feel safe and secure in their homes. Now, thanks to MobileSafety, we can help you feel protected when you leave your home as well. Whether you?ve had an accident, your car is broken down or you?re lost in the middle of nowhere, MobileSafety can help protect you in ways you never imagined.

24 hour emergency assistance MobileSafety is a mobile GPS security device equipped with a hands-free speakerphone. With the push of a single button on your MobileSafety, you can be connected to ADT?s 24 hour MobileSafety monitoring center where trained professionals can alert police, fire, an ambulance or roadside assistance to your location. They can even give you directions to the nearest hospital or vetrinary clinic.

Locate your loved ones in seconds Just plug the MobileSafety unit into the cigarette lighter of their car. Using MobileSafety?s ADT Trak option, you can locate a car in real time on our secure website or by phone if you can?t get to a computer. It?s so small it can easily be moved from car to car.

ADT Trak. An extra level of security.
Want to know the location of a loved one?s car? Now you can locate their vehicle by yourself anytime you wish. With ADT Trak you simply log onto your own personalized and secure website, follow the directions and within seconds the location of the car you are seeking will appear on an easy-to-read map.

And with ADT Trak?s satellite photo option, you?ll have a bird?s eye view of the road, showing you actual streets and buildings. You can even use the website to find directions to another location from the current location of their car. And if you can?t get to a computer, just call 1-800-435-0980 and we?ll do the locating for you.

GPS Technology
You?ll soon discover that MobileSafety is a totally unique product because it utilizes GPS technology. By using a fleet of satellites orbiting the earth, we can determine your latitude and longitude anywhere in the country.

If you have MobileSafety plugged into a loved one?s car, you will be able to locate them in seconds. If you use MobileSafety for your own car, you?ll be connected to ADT?s 24 hour MobileSafety monitoring center where trained MobileSafety professionals can dispatch emergency services to your location. Either way, MobileSafety provides peace of mind wherever you go.

How does GPS technology work?
GPS stands for the U.S. Military?s Global Positioning System. Using a fleet of satellites orbiting at various points around the earth, ADT can determine your latitude and longitude (within 30 yards) anywhere in the country. So we?ll know exactly where to send help, even if you don?t. And once our MobileSafety Customer Monitoring Center has been notified, a trained ADT MobileSafety professional can alert police or medical professionals or contact a roadside assistance.

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