Mini Spy Camera - Color DSP Pinhole Lens Auto Switching
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Mini Spy Camera

This rugged DSP pinhole camera is housed in a hardened metal case to protect your investment for years.

Auto switching digital signal processing chipset adjusts your camera to continue capturing images well after the sun goes down and the lights go out. This camera won't see in the dark but with a little light goes a long way compared to other cameras.

Auto White Balance, and 3.6mm (93 degree view) pinhole lens. Operates on 12 VDC. Includes mount.

Designed to be a stand alone camera connected to your TV / VCR or an addition to your existing CCTV system.

"I use this camera to monitor the baby's room. Installation was easy just like you said. I was using the camera within minutes and with a little adjusting it was set."

Here you can see an example screenshot of the color image during normal office lighting.

Here you can see an example screenshot of the auto-switched black & white when the lights are turned off.

Click on the images to enlarge.
Keep in mind that these captured images are not actual resolution. The resolution you will see through your TV is much greater than shown here. We reduced the image quality so that the images would load faster in your browser.

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