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Description:Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is a Windows operating system that is designed exclusively for home computing. Windows XP Home Edition puts the exciting experiences of the digital age at your fingertips. From digital photos, music, and vi.Reviewed by: reino200 on Sep 16, 2004

Experience: 4 Years

Strengths: you have all The features that you need, all the extra games. The smooth installation of hardware and soft ware

Weaknesses: I find that it doesn't have some of the help topics that some first time users would need.

Summary: I have enjoyed using windows xp, with all of its features, I find windows easy to find things on the internet with windows xp. All in all I find that windows xp is the best windows oparating system software that I have used out of all the past windows I have used.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: jsmithii from CA on Feb 18, 2002

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: Stability! No more blue screens of death. it is very fast as well. conserves memory. I can go on and on, it is a very solid os.

Weaknesses: The really only weeknes that i have found is all the negitive hype about how hard it is to registar and activate. It is so simple. Dont be fooled

Summary: Hackers Have ruined it for everyone. if it werent for hackers and theives this os would be a lot cheaper.
the only people this activation should really upset is them. for everyone else, fear not. do not be taken in by petty arguments. I am embarrased to say that i was very afraid becuase i constantly upgrade my system. I changed my mainboard and my dvd drive before the first 30 days. activation is painless and keeps honest people honest.
I was pretty disapointed at ms for trying to make a buck with ME but they really came through this time. 5 STARS becuase i really dont think there is any thing better out. i would chanllange anyone to prove it. all though improvements can be made and undoubtedly will, Ms as provailled again. :-)

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: parrishrex from TX on Nov 20, 2003

Experience: 1 Years

Strengths: Reliable, stable, easy to learn and use.

Weaknesses: Some compatability problems with some older software and equipment, but, it's worth it.

Summary: I replaced Windows Me with XP Home, haven't had a lockup, lost work or any other typical computer failure since. It makes integrating new equipment, software and networking a breeze not to mention all the extras bells and whistles included with XP. You could actually get good use out of your system without any additional software.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: pmcnelis from GA on Oct 25, 2002

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Fast boot and shut-down. Almost everything, including software, is immediately recognized by Windows. Multi-user capability with completely seperate user accounts.

Weaknesses: Searching for drivers for older peripherals nearly impossible.

Summary: (Edited October 25th by pmcnelis) Like AOL...Idiot proof. Also like AOL, not the greatest for those who like to get inside their computers code and mess with the registry et-al.

For the mac-holes who have never even seen WinXP but merely jump at the chance to trash Gates and Windows, go back to your colorless mac world. I've used both and I can tell you that macs are fine, but pcs are far superior. To the nugget brain who said that mac never crashes...OS X launched with more bugs than any Windows product ever did. To the open source freak, open source o/ses are for ultra geeks and freaks, kinda like you and bill gates.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: paulpuddles from CA on Jan 31, 2002

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: great os fun easy

Weaknesses: the activation hype

Summary: well not much i can say but if your friend has it have them make a copy of the cd, or use the cd and install it. when asked if you would like to register press skip. i have installed this os on like 10 computers.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: eaglestop from CA on Feb 16, 2003

Experience: 10 Months

Strengths: The best operating system yet!

Weaknesses: None! Except Maybe for the fact you can't use alot of older equiptment. But you can download the drivers at microsoft.

Summary: This is the best operating system yet for the home system!
I've had windows 95 and 98 plus and they cannot hold a candle this this one, and with so many digital enhancements,it is definitely the choice of the new millennium. People who have problems with it freezing up is generally because they don't have enough memory. The XP needs 128mb of ram to run properly, and you need also more ram for your system. I reccomend 512mb of ram or more to get the full effects of xp and have your system run properly without any freeze ups.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: bond815 from PA on Oct 11, 2002

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: Extremely stable - not one crash! Can't say the same for any of the other previous versions of the OS! Very customizable. Can set up multiple user accounts - nice feature!

Weaknesses: May not be compatible with your hardware or software. Be sure to check compatibility BEFORE installing the program!

Summary: Overall the best thing to happen to the home computer since the Internet!
Highly recommended however, make sure if you plan to upgrade an existing computer that you check compatibility with hardware and software. Many mfg.s of older hardware haven't written drivers for XP and you may need to purchase newer models and versions of your hardware and software.
MS has a compatibility check that you can run on your current OS, but beware that this is actually part of the installation from XP which will disable any non-compatible hardware and force you to re-install anything it finds is not compatible with XP.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: uzz3r from MI on Mar 13, 2004

Experience: 2 Years

Strengths: The most configurable OS next to Linux

Weaknesses: Proprietary software, prime target for crackers, frequent patches/critical updates necessary.

Summary: I have read some of the reviews on this site about XP Home, and feel that many reviewers have not done their homework on this OS.

It seems to me that most users attempt to operate the OS without doing much, if any reading or research via the many books, periodicals, and websites devoted to this subject.

I personally am very satisfied with WinXP Home, and have had very few problems with it. The hangups, crashes, and incapatibility issues, that I did have, upon reading and researching them, were found to be due to my lack of knowledge, or third party software flaws.

In summary, if you don't want to spend time LEARNING about how to use computers and software, be prepared to either deal with frequent problems and crashes, or spend $$$ and time with tech support.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: rchoueri from NJ on Oct 25, 2002


Strengths: WIN XP ROCKS! Load the BIOS XP UPGRADE FROM YOUR COMPUTER MFG's Website BEFORE YOU INSTALL XP OS! MFGs for all my peripherals had XP drivers at their respective websites.

Weaknesses: No (800) Help Desk telephone number. Cost me 50 min tel call to MS and 10hrs:14 mins to complte everything.

Summary: Bill Gates finally got Windows right and Windows is finally stable under XP OS. Bill Gates is finally off my short list of ten most hated people in America LOL. This IMHO is as good as it gets under CISK architecture. A real Disk Check and Defrag!(A+) The entire XP OS architecture and file Control structure is a wet dream come true! True UNIX-RISK multitaking & daemon CPU timeslicing? Who cares ... it works right and is finally stable! Kudos to the MS design and programming teams (A+). XP deployment could have been a little more informative in the literature and website(C), XP Media Player (D), WIN Beta 9 Media Player (A+)

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: Mark70 from ME on Mar 12, 2003



Weaknesses: NONE


Reviewed by:Reviewed by: spotmaster on Dec 10, 2002


Strengths: No crashing, no bluescreens, easy to use (once you get used to the differences)I love the CRL-ALT-Del feature, works like a charm.

Weaknesses: None that I can see other than the learning curve from the other OS WinME that I used before, and that took maybe an hour or so.

Summary: After reading other reviews I have come to the conclusion that the only problems that people seem to have are from those who just basically don't like Microsoft. Upgrading from a previous OS, don't, go out and buy a full program and do a clean install that way you don't carry any problems over from the previous system, and I think that you will be much happier, or buy a system with it already installed. As for the registration, I think that it is a tempest in a teapot not even enough to worry about, a lot of us use a computer for more than just games, I know that I do a lot of work and finance on mine, games are hardly played, not enough time. All in all I find the satisfaction level to be fairly high and a friend who runs 2000 on his machine says the only difference he sees is that 2000 doesn't have as much glitter as XP, well if that's the only difference then I'll stick with XP. I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of another OS, but buy new and clean install.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: steveyh13 on Apr 26, 2003

Experience: 4 Months

Strengths: Good Looking, Works IF you have enough ram ( i have 512), good digital effects, wmp9's great, comes with a load of cool software ( well mine did, buts mines oem so....enough said)

Weaknesses: erm..... i'll have to think about this.

Summary: i like xp's look and the way you have system restore, i definatly recommend xp home to anyone, the only real problem is it's slightly less stable than 2k, but it has never crashed on me so i need re-booting, only crashes one program but it soon sortes that out, maybe it crashes for all you out there because your PC IS SLOW and doesn't have enough MEMORY, i have a 2.4ghz with 512 ram, try getting that and it will work fine, windows xp's the latest from ms so you'll need the latest pc. simple :)

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: kallmighty from KS on Jul 1, 2003

Experience: 20 Months

Strengths: Very stable and customizable.

Weaknesses: Too glitzy, MS went overboard for on the pretty looks. But this can be corrected.

Summary: A lot of people are complaining about XP but I love it. It is very stable. Running games is easy and many run better than on 98SE. If there are troubles there is a compatably feature to help fix the problem (I have never used it so I don't know how well it works). Almost everything can be customized if you don't like any aspect of XP, you just have to know where to look. So in that respect it is confusing, but help files are extensive and tell you how to do most of the customizing (or you could look on the internet). It runs faster than 98 and had most of the drivers needed for my system. New drivers are always being released so it may not have the most current driver, but your devices will work until you download the latest version. The MS cirtification for new drivers takes a very long time but if you only load the approved drivers XP runs great with little if any instability. Most of the problems I have had were due to hardware failing or problems with the software I was loading. Over all it is a very good OS (MS finally did it right!) The MS activation is a pain in the @ss but I have installed my OS several times (re the hardware failings above) and not once have I had any problems. I gave XP only 4 stars because it is very expensive.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: jefffann from KS on Feb 7, 2004

Experience: 2 Years

Strengths: many

Weaknesses: not many

Summary: (Edited February 08th by jefffann) If you want to install over 512mb of ram you can't with Windows95,98,or ME. You can with XP.just like you can with 2000. System restore like ME unlike 2000.No need to get separate software for zip files or tranferring data to a cdrw.System lockups are vitually gone.I've had a few but that was because of the age of the software I tried to install.I've only had issues with a handful of games but those are OLD.There are some hardware incompatibility issues also but there again keyword OLD.An example:"Oh darn,I can't get my Voodoo5 to work with XP"is that the fault of XP or could it be that the company that made that card is out of business and there are no updated drivers other than 3rd party.Or another one: "I can't seem to get my old dos games to work with XP"Well heck I can't seem to get them all to work with 98 either until I bought a motherboard with an isa slot for a SoundBlaster.If you are in need of an o.s. and want a Microsoft product get this if you have a new generation computer. Most of the complaints I've read I beleive come from trying to use it on an old dinosaur.If you have one of those there's a lot better way to spend your money than upgrading the o.s.Some people just expect too much.You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.I have all the o.s. I've referred to and this is the best.There's a place for them all so if you don't have a machine that meets or exceeds the optimum system requirements don't bother getting it unless you want to be one of the complainers.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: CompBoss from WA on Jan 5, 2003

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Very easy and quick install. Works well with most all components. Many good aspects to this one.

Weaknesses: Recognizing some components and some registry issues, but they can be fixed.

Summary: (Edited January 05th by CompBoss) Have installed two of these OSs on two different computers, one went without a hitch, the other took me two days of research and hit and miss to install the modem. Once I finally found the problem (related to the registry) and corrected it, the modem worked fine. Just be prepared, some modems are XP compatable, some not, but the registry issue was an experience.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: rmenton on Jun 3, 2003

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Stable and boots quickly. Better multimedia features. Multiuser integration.

Weaknesses: Interface is a bit confusing. Don't like the search system.

Summary: This is clearly a better OS than 98SE it's predecessor. Having read the other reviews I don't quite understand why some people give these one star criticisms without considering how much software is available for this OS, and the fact that it all should run better and more reliably. Apart from Win2000, I don't see a better alternative that XP, so if you need the OS for making money, as I do, it's not even an issue. My software platform runs better on XP than it did on 98SE, hands down. Berating MS and Gates should be left for other forums.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: jam111 from CA on Jul 1, 2002

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Much more stable, rarely freexe on my systems. Nice interface(if you choose, but I go with classic version).

Weaknesses: Installed the hardware and software sometimes pop-up the annoying warning, after all I found out that those warning won't matter. sometime it's acts like too smart and go without any command.

Summary: Seems to me that Microsoft try to have more control over users (the reason for 4 stars insted of 5). Another draw back is that the xp really don't except the older version of anti-virus programs(with other old softwares I have, it does work after ignore warnning). However, this xp is the best operation systm I ever encountered (98se, Me, 2000, and xp), the first 2 is very easy to crash, 2000 took long time to start up (though it also reliable). Thus, this is the best in win family.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: hawk10 from TN on Apr 25, 2002

Experience: 7 Months

Strengths: Much more stable, better networking, Installs quicker, easy on the eyes.

Weaknesses: Older hardware may not have driver support(Win ME had this problem too)playing around with operating system sittings may cause some problems,don't change to much yet.

Summary: A new built computer should have this ,don't upgrade if you have less than a pentium 4 and 256mg ram or if you have alot of hardware thats over a year old, some of the hardware may never get drivers released or Like Hewlett Packard made me pay for drivers for a scanner when i went from Win 95 to Win 98,shipped them to me for 20$,(Stay away from them).The disk defragger is great in XP ,also all the new games run great on XP.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: texaswillie from TX on Feb 9, 2002

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Lots of new features over 98. Fast to close progam and PC. Easier than previous versions to use. Great colors.New features that one can work with photos and pictures.

Weaknesses: A real pain to have to update a lot of drivers that don't come with XP.Also a lot of software on the shelves, including some older software on my PC won't work well and may not work at all with XP.

Summary: In summary XP is well worth the price and hassell in having to get driver updates.I have found that you really need a good processor, lots of memory and a large hard drive. In other words don't try to use on an older PC. It will be frustrating.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: Imajica from SC on Mar 1, 2002

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Does not crash nearly as much as 95, 98, or ME.

Weaknesses: Some programs & peripherals not compatible, problems w/ taskbar.

Summary: By far the most stable windowz OS I have used. My scanner does not have drivers that will run under XP & my Neowatch firewall is also incompatible. There are problems with the taskbar in autohide mode; more often then not, I have to repeatedly click the mouse to get it to show. When uninstalling programs it will sometimes uninstall a program other than the one selected. Also a bit slower than 98SE. Another feature I do not care for on this OS, is that when using the right click alternate select menu to send a file to another location, it leaves a copy in the location it was sent from, so you have to delete it, or you now have 2 copies of it on your system. While typing, it will sometimes switch from insert mode to typeover mode on its own. It needs work, but I do not have nearly the amount of crashes as with other windowz operating systems. The day may come when I quit referring to its maker as Microslop.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: bigkirk99 from IA on Dec 4, 2001

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: not too many system crashes,nice meadia player.

Weaknesses: activation code,too security minded

Summary: Windows xp is a really good system once you download drivers from the websites to fix all of the bugs. I
would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: sabbz1986 from CA on Feb 6, 2002

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Stable, can run almost all Windows 9x/ME software titles, online activation not as hard as it seems.

Weaknesses: Product Activation, cartoonish GUI, doesn't offer as much customization, no MS-DOS mode

Summary: When XP came out, I wasn't really wanting to upgrade, opting to stick with my familiar Windows 98 system. But when that same computer started giving me incomprehensible error messages and more frequent Blue Screens of Death, I knew I had to get a newer computer, and an more stable OS (do the words "Windows" and "stable" *really* belong in the same sentence together?). So, I took a look at XP, and basically knew I had to get it. So far, it's pretty much lived up to its hype, and [dare I say] the product activation was relatively painless. So far, I've only had to do a couple system restores (one of them was really unnecessary to begin with), and it hasn't crashed once. But since this is Windows we're talking about, there still is much to be desired.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: XP12345 on Dec 28, 2001

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: pretty stable, good user interface. nice look.

Weaknesses: driver incompatabilities, hardware recognition

Summary: The installation went pretty well, but all my drivers are screwed. I had EZ CD Creator 4 and downloaded the (aledged) patch, still didn't work. it's pretty good, stable, but my computer crashed yesterday after coming out of standby. i downloaded that patch too... seems to have fixed that problem. i like the look that microsoft gave it, and easier user switching is a big help. when you think about all the patches and bugs in XP, you'd start to think we're all Beta-testers, eh?

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: Kayle12 from MT on Feb 24, 2002

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Ease of use, User Logins, No Crash, Good Media tools, New start menu.

Weaknesses: no Scandisk, Slow Disk Defragmentor, no themes inless you go and buy Xp Plus

Summary: I think that this is an awesome operating system. It is very fast and is very easy to learn to use. I have been using it and it has NEVER crashed on me before. I believe that it is the best operating system out there on the shelves. I would recommend this to everyone who have a good fast computer.

Reviewed by:Reviewed by: webtv13 on Apr 21, 2003


Strengths: Fancy GUI, cheaper price than W2K was when it was released. System restore is nice - make sure it is installed and working.

Weaknesses: Blue Screen of Death (System 32 Errors) still occurs quite regularly for some XP users. Many security flaws exist. Some users report problems with Service Pack 1 so beware...

Summary: If you own Windows 2000 PRO then KEEP it. Windows XP is for CASUAL users NOT power users. Windows 2000 is a much better O/S and far more stable. If you do not play games (not much driver support for W2K) then get W2K or be brave and try W2K3.

For XP - ensure that you get latest BIOS update from your OEM.

Blue Screen of Death - try to repair "C:WINDOWSCHKDSK /R" at the DOS prompt after you run the Win XP OS CD Rom. If this fails then re-install. Get used to this procedure.

I would never attempt to develop software using Windows XP as my O/S. I have used W2K for 3 years and NEVER had the Blue Screen of Death!!!

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