MicroCam 2.4GHz Wireless Camera System
- The ideal discreet security system
- Two versions available - with and without audio
- Simple to install, just plug to any video device such as a VCR, TV or security monitor and play
- Superior quality colour lens
- Up to 100m transmission range
- Affordable home security; undetectable office surveillance; keep an eye on babies and childrenSwann's MicroCam is the ultimate in miniaturised surveillance technology. Incorporating a tiny CMOS colour video camera and a 2.4GHz transmitter in one, MicroCam will send colour video images to the receiver up to 100 metres away.

If discreet surveillance is what you're looking for, then the MicroCam is an ideal solution for you. Its extremely small size means that it is easily hidden and moved around.

The Swann MicroCam comes complete with an A/V cable, receiver, battery pack, 9V battery snap, power adaptors and full installation instructions, making it an easy and complete DIY security system.

NB. The picture shown is the Microcam with Audio.

L98AF MicroCam with Audio
L99AF MicroCam without Audio

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