Micro Camera suits covert surveillance operations
Micro Camera suits covert surveillance operations.
Micro Camera suits covert surveillance operations.

February 4, 2005 07:45 - Measuring less than 26 cm3, dual-wavelength Visible-InGaAs Snapshot Camera simultaneously images in both visible and NIR wavelengths, producing single, combined image. Camera's 320 x 256 pixel resolution array features 25 m pitch. InGaAs FPA's quantum efficiency exceeds 70% in 1,000C1,600 nm portion of spectrum with over 50% at 800 nm and 10% at 400 nm. Consuming less than 1.6 W, camera has no moving parts and requires no field non-uniformity corrections.

Sensors Unlimited Unveils Breakthrough Miniature, Dual-Wavelength MicroCamera

January 26, 2005 C Princeton, NJ C Sensors Unlimited, Inc. (SUI?), specialists in shortwave infrared imaging using indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) technology, introduces the world's smallest dual-wavelength Visible-InGaAs Snapshot MicroCamera. SUI's proprietary miniaturization technology delivers an unparalleled 2.5 ounce camera (less than 70 grams), dramatically smaller than previous 11-ounce dual-wavelength imagers. Measuring less than 26 cm3, the compact MicroCamera simultaneously images in both the visible and the near-infrared wavelengths, producing a single, combined image.

Sensors Unlimited has developed an InGaAs focal plane array (FPA) substrate removal technique that permits visible response from InGaAs FPAs with tighter pitches, enabling increased resolution. The new camera's 320 x 256 pixel resolution array also features an unprecedented small pitch, at 25 m versus the previous 40 m pitch. The InGaAs FPA's quantum efficiency exceeds 70 per cent in the 1000 nm to 1600 nm portion of the spectrum with over 50 percent at 800 nm and 10 percent at 400 nm.

The imager's increased high responsivity in both the visible and the shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths and the low power consumption (less than 1.6W) make this MicroCamera ideal for covert surveillance and other defense and military operations. The miniature, solid-state camera has no moving parts, requires no field non-uniformity corrections (NUCs) and operates at room temperature to yield a combined visible and SWIR image that previously required two cameras or much larger dual-wavelength detectors.

Applications for the visible-shortwave IR extended wavelength MicroCamera include any tasks where size and weight are extremely critical factors. Sensors Unlimited's Visible-InGaAs Snapshot MicroCamera can assist in hyperspectral imaging and laser beam profiling of scientific, datacom, military, and telecom lasers. The small size and the reliable, dual-wavelength capability assists in machine vision applications where size and space are crucial, astronomy, semiconductor wafer inspection, and imaging of most laser pointers, designators, and range finders.

Sensors Unlimited, Inc. (SUI), founded in 1991 to pioneer design and production of near-infrared detectors, is the world leader in indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology. With in-house capabilities, Sensors Unlimited manufactures advanced infrared cameras, short-wave and near-IR focal plane arrays and revolutionary high speed PIN and avalanche photodiodes. Their proprietary foundry and expertise delivers reliable, high performance products for a variety of critical military, security, industrial, commercial and telecommunications industries. Applications include covert surveillance, machine vision, night vision, health and safety protocols, historical art inspection and more. Please visit www.sensorsinc.com for more information.

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