Micro Camera - World's Smallest!
So small, you might need a microscope to see it!

A micro camera so small it can sit on a dime with room left over.

This black and white CMOS camera weighs just 0.9g without the cable, is 8mm X 8mm X 8mm draws just 15mA, and consumes a minuscule 7 to 12 VDC. The 240 TV lines of resolution looks more like a 380 LOR CCD Camera in just average room light.

Drop the tech talk, cut to the chase.

The tiny footprint of this micro camera means that you can hide it in places you've never imagined possible. Designed to work with just about any household TV or VCR means you can have a fully working micro camera right out of the box with no additional accessories or parts to buy.

This system comes with a 9 Volt battery clip. Just add power and you'll be viewing amazing video in no time. To operate this system indefinitely just purchase an extra power supply and forget about it.

Great for RC Hobbyist or Science Fair Projects!

A great number of our customers love flying remote control planes or helicopters. The current video cameras available for these hobbyist are often so bulky and heavy that the plane or helicopter can't even get off the ground! Attach this micro camera to a micro transmitter and you'll be seeing video as if you were in the cockpit!

Have a science fair project coming up? Need to monitor your aunt farm from within? Simply attach the wire from this camera to your TV and you'll have a live video feed that rivals shots seen on undercover network television!

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