MemoCam Mobile MemoCam DVR - mobile all in one digital CCTV Recorder digital camera specif
Mobile MemoCam DVR - mobile all in one digital CCTV Recorder From 390.00 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

The MemoCam Mobile DVR is a Compact Digital Video Recorder with removable memory card, memory card reader and video motion detection that is designed specifically for mobile situations such as taxis, buses, or lorries where 12V power is readily available

Includes Memory Card Reader
3 Video Inputs for CCTV Cameras
1 Video Output for real time monitoring
Records images to a memory card (3 images per second to 5 images per minute). Memory card can then be downloaded onto your PC
Images are stored as tamper proof EVT files, allowing submission as evidence
Stores up to 20000 B/W images on 128MB MultiMedia Card
Allows pre-defined recording times
Requires simple electrical knowledge to install
View and playback of recorded video images
Remote Control unit

The MemoCam Mobile DVR automatically records events on the Memory Card following an alarm. The alarm can be activated by external triggers

The MemoCAM Mobile DVR can be easily integrated into an existing CCTV system.

The recorded events are easily analyzed by simply removing the Memory Card from the unit and inserting it into a Memory Card Reader connected to a PC

The remote control unit enables the user to Arm/Disarm the event recording process or record events manually.

Adding 3 external cameras, converts the unit into a multiple camera CCTV system, significantly reducing the cost per video input.

The Video Output enables the user to view live video from a selected camera when connected to a CCTV monitor.

This feature simplifies the camera adjustment process and provides additional monitoring capability

The built-in weekly Scheduler enables the user to automatically Arm/Disarm the system at predefined times and days

Simple automatic setup on the Memory Card defines the: image quality mode, camera visual parameters, frame rate and number of frames per event

There are 2 recording modes: Fixed - Records events until the MemoryCard is full
Cyclic - Records events successively, overriding old data when the Memory Card is full

Image Integrity - each image is digitally signed and can be authenticated

The 3 color-coded LEDs indicate the status of the unit

3 Dry Contact Inputs for external triggers

2 Relay Outputs

JPEG Compression Format

4 recording qualities - Good, great, better, best

Image size = 5-20KB per image

Current Consumption = 400mA per hour

Unit dimensions(mm) = 67 x 135 x 56 (W xH x D)

Weight = 250g

Minimum System Requirements:

Pentium II - 200Mhz
Super VGA or higher graphics card
Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT or XP

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