MemoCam MemoCam Executive digital camera specification
MemoCam Executive From 472.00 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

MemoCam Executive is a complete stand-alone digital CCTV system. Concealed in a decorative clock, it automatically records Images onto a removable memory card upon Video Motion Detection

The MemoCam Executive system includes a CCD camera, a video compression engine and a removable Memory card. It automatically records events on the memory card following an alarm. Recording can be activated by an external remote control unit or an internal PIR detector. To analyse the recorded events, the memory card can be removed from the MemoCam unit and images downloaded to a PC using a memory card reader.

Internal B&W CCD Camera
Superb 420 TV line quality
Records images to its own memory card (4 images per second to 5 images per minute). Memory card can then be downloaded on your PC
Video motion detection + PIR recording
Images are stored as tamper proof EVT files, allowing submission as evidence
2 Video inputs for additional external cameras
1 Video output for real time monitoring
Stores up to 3000 B/W images on a 16Mb MultiMedia Card or 12000 images on a 128Mb card.
Allows pre-defined recording times
Easy to install and user friendly
View and playback of recorded video images
Remote Control unit

When the MemoCam Executive is armed, using the remote control unit the camera starts recording when movement is detected at a specific area of interest, selected by the user (by default all areas are active). The recording process can also be activated by pressing the REC button on the remote control unit, whether the unit is armed or not. All images are stored to the memory card

All MemoCam unit functions are configured on the Memory Card. The configuration parameters are setup using the MemoCam Executive software on a PC connected to a Memory Card reader. Configuration parameters include:
Image quality and size
Scheduled Arming or Disarming
Image retrieval
Time and Date

Remote Control Unit:

Each camera is equipped with a remote control unit with the following functions:
Disarm (Code-protected)
Record frame

Event Recording:

A new event file is recorded upon alarm activation. Each event is recorded according to the MemoCam Executive configuration as follows:
Fixed memory mode - Recording stops when the memory card is full
Cyclic mode - When the memory card is full, new events are recorded over previous events in the memory card queue

Image Retrieval:

Compressed images can be retrieved from the removable memory card using a memory card reader connected to a PC via a USB Card Reader

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium II, 350Mhz
RAM - 16MB
Super VGA
Operating systems: Windows 95, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT and XP with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher

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