Meedio HouseBot Makes Home Automation Easy
Meedio, LLC this week announced the availability of Meedio HouseBot, a Windows application for home automation and remote control. Meedio HouseBot provides control over lights, telephones, heating & cooling systems, security systems, and other home technologies supported by HouseBot's many interfaces. It can run on its own to automate daily tasks or can be controlled by software remotes that turn any PC, Pocket PC, or Windows Mobile device into a "virtual" remote control with a rich and fully customizable graphical interface. A 15-day free trial is now available at where users can register to receive a discount of up to 20% off the regular retail price of $79.95

"The introduction of Meedio HouseBot marks an important step in our strategy of making home technologies easy for consumers to control," says Meedio CEO Victor Koosh. Meedio is best known for its Meedio Essentials software that allows digital entertainment and information sources to be viewed and controlled with a TV and remote control. Meedio HouseBot extends this idea by providing control over audio/video equipment, home automation devices, and even other software applications.

Meedio HouseBot differs from proprietary hardware controllers by being able to run on almost any standard Windows PC. This enables the software to be easily extended and customized, and allows it to interact with other Windows applications such as Meedio Essentials. It also enables customers to create robust "software remotes" that provide interactive graphical interfaces on other PC or handheld devices. By running a Meedio HouseBot software remote on a Pocket PC with a WiFi card, for example, consumers can enjoy the benefits of a wireless touchscreen at a fraction of the price of competing solutions.

Meedio HouseBot supports the following interfaces, software, and hardware devices:

* ADI Ocelot or Leopard controller (X10 & IR)
* ADI SECU16 - Relay control / Input channel monitoring
* Device Replicator - Controls other Devices running on remote HouseBot machines
* Execute any program running on HouseBot machine
* External Control - Control HouseBot remotely from command line application
* Faroudja 2500
* Generic Serial control. Can be customized to control a wide variety of equipment attached to RS232 port
* Girder Bridge - Send event strings to Girder application
* Global Cache GC-100
* Meridian 565 - RS232 control of Meridian 565 DSP
* Modem / Phone Status - Provides call notification and caller ID information
* Nirvis Slink-e support - X10 & IR. Also provides control of CDJ application
* PowerLinc USB - X10 control
* SMTP - Sends email
* Text-2-speech (TTS) - Plays text over system sound card
* USB UIRT - IR transmit and receive
* VB Scripting - Write simple VB Script programs to enhance automation control
* WGL W800 - RF Receiver
* WinAmp 2.x - Control WinAmp 2.x application
* Windows clipboard - Send and receive data using the Windows clipboard
* X10 CM11a - X10 controller
* X10 Firecracker - X10 controller
* X10 MR26a - X10 RF receiver
* Z-wave

For additional information, contact Meedio Press Relations (877) MEEDIO-1 x704

About Meedio, LLC
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Meedio is a global provider of interactive interfaces to digital home systems such as home theaters, entertainment PC's, and household appliances. Meedio sells direct to consumers, through distributors and resellers, and to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who embed Meedio technology in consumer electronics and computer solutions.

Copyright 2004 Meedio LLC. All rights reserved. Features, pricing, availability and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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