Measure Any Distance Without a Tape Measure!
  • Makes distance measuring fast and convenient
  • Does not require two people to measure long distances
  • Small, light and easy-to-use
  • No batteries required
  • American Visionwear product #M100 Need a way to get fast, accurate distance or area measurements? The Optical Measuring Ranger can be used where conventional tape measures can't! Simply look through the viewfinder at any distinct object, adjust until a single is observed, then read the distance at the tape indictor. You've now successfully measured the distance from the front of the measuring device to the object. It's ideal for measuring up the side of a building, across the room, even across a river or busy street.

    More Flexible Than Conventional Tape Measures
    Unlike conventional tape measures, the Optical Measuring Ranger can be used to measure inaccessible areas like snowdrifts, swamps, ponds, etc. Plus, it won't be affected by tape sag or undulations in the terrain.

    Smaller for Easier Portability
    Another advantage of the Optical Measuring Ranger is its small size. That makes it much easier to use to measure ground distance than a heavy, bulky walking wheel.

    No Batteries Needed
    Unlike acoustical measuring tools or laser rangefinders, the Optical Measuring Ranger requires absolutely no batteries. This allows you to take it anywhere without having to worry about power considerations.


    • Minimum range: 6 feet

    • Maximum range: 100 feet

    • Accuracy:

      • 3" at 20' (99.0%)

      • 1' at 50' (98.0%)

      • 3' at 100' (97.0%)

    • Size: 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.125"

    • Weight: 7 oz.