Maritime Security Regulations Released
Maritime Security Regulations Released

Access Control & Security Systems, Nov 1, 2003

The Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security have published their final maritime security requirements to replace temporary rules issued in July.

The final rules will affect cruise ships, container ships and offshore oil platforms.

"These final rules put in practice innovative protective measures on a nationwide basis," Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says. "We are using technology, such as the new Automatic Identification System, teamwork in designing and implementing security measures with the private sector, and a flexible response system."

The regulations will require specified entities to:

  • Conduct security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and determine what security measures need to be implemented.

  • Develop security plans to allow flexibility to deal with unique security aspects as identified in the assessment.

  • Submit a plan to the Coast Guard for approval, thus ensuring consistency.

  • Identify security officers to create a network of security personnel focusing on security issues.

  • Increase security as the threat level rises, thus allowing moderate measures under normal circumstances, but ensuring the maritime industry is prepared to tighten security when necessary.

  • Install automatic identification systems aboard large ships to allow comprehensive, almost instantaneous vessel tracking and monitoring.

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