Manual Iris 50 mm Lens

Professional fixed iris 4mm wide angle lens for use with KC2200CN, FC3300M, KC-3P, KC33W4MM and KC3300MN cameras. Allows for close-up viewing of distant objects.

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  • 50 mm lens
  • Manual iris
  • For use with KC2200CN, FC3300M and KC-3P cameras

  • Rechargable Battery Pack
  • Sprint 90 Min Chargr
  • Foot Video Cable
  • Monochrome Video Camera
  • Aluminum Weatherproof Housing with Wall Mount
  • USB Extender
  • Monochrome C-Mount Proof Video Camera
  • Color Wireless Weatherproof Electrical Box Video Camera
  • 1Gb SD Card
  • Monochrome Covert Jacket Camera
  • Quality Video Security Systems
  • Security Camera Companies and products