Magnetic Vehicle Sensor Tells You When A Vehicle Is In Your Driveway
  • Hear when a car approaches through a buzzer on the indoor console
  • Console has 2 transistor alarm outputs (low-voltage)
  • Adjustable probe sensitivity Want to know when a car approaches your driveway? Just bury this probe 6 to 8 inches in the ground next to your driveway and run a wire back to the console indoors. The console will then buzz whenever a car approaches! Up to 2 probes may be attached to each console, and cable runs can be as long as 2,500 ft. To activate X10 lights or appliances, simply purchase the optional Powerflash Interface (#4060). Compatible with home control interfaces with digital low-voltage inputs, like the JDS TimeCommander Plus (#1200).

    Vehicle sensor probes come with special burial grade cable that can withstand years of burial without any additional jacketing or protection. You can purchase probes with a continuous seamless length of cable or add additional length with a splice kit that ensures a waterproof junction.


    Power Requirements:
    Regulated 10-14 VDC @ 100 mA

    Current Draw (No accessories):
    40 mA (resting) 70 mA (alarm)

    Buzzer Duration:
    1 to 18 seconds

    Sound Pressure / Level of Buzzer:
    88 db min. @30 cm @12 VDC

    Exit Delay:
    Fixed @ 6 minutes

    2 SPST Relay outputs

    Contact Rating:
    500 mA

    Console Size:
    6.55" x 4.70" x 1" (166 cm x 119 cm x 25 cm)

    Operating Temp:
    (32 to 130F)

    Shipping Weight:
    5.8 pounds (2.63 Kg)

    Cable Type:
    Direct burial 22 AWG shielded twisted Pair with ground wire

    Max Number of Probes:

    Max Cable Length:
    2500 ft. (762.5 meters)

    Alarm Console Mounting:
    Mounts to 3-gang electrical box