Machine Vision System uses 2 megapixel CCD camera
Machine Vision System uses 2 megapixel CCD camera.
Machine Vision System uses 2 megapixel CCD camera.

May 16, 2005 07:52 - Featuring 1,620 x 1,220 resolution, CV-2600 supports 2 progressive-reading cameras that offer 81 increments of adjustable sensitivity. Machine, supplied with high-flex camera cable, various inspection tools, and on-screen programming menus, uses LVDS transfer method and ASIC technology for real-time rotational searches with min speed of 61 ms. Utilizing sub-pixel processing and digitized image data, unit achieves accuracy and repeatability down to 0.05 pixels.

New, High-Speed, 2 Mega-Pixel CCD Vision System is First in its Class

The new Keyence CV-2600, high-speed machine vision system, with a 2 Mega-Pixel CCD (1620x1220), is the most advanced vision system available today. The new CV-2600 incorporates numerous "first-in-class" features, one of which is the 2 mega-pixel CCD built into the industry's smallest camera housing. The 2 Mega-Pixel CCD can inspect an area 4 times larger than conventional cameras at the same resolution. This saves significant installation time and cost. The CV-2600 controller also supports 2 cameras. Now twice the area of a target can be covered for a fraction of the cost of 2 systems. Keyence's original miniaturization technology has resulted in the production of a super small, double-speed, progressive-reading camera. The new small camera can be mounted in tight spaces where conventional models will not fit, thereby greatly increasing installation flexibility.

The CV-2600 eliminates the need for expensive strobe lighting. The camera sensitivity is adjustable in 81 increments. A higher sensitivity ensures sufficient brightness even when a high shutter speed is used. A new High-Flex Camera Cable, capable of over 1 million bend cycles, is available for robotic applications. The new cable provides 10 times the service life of conventional cables.

The CV-2600 features a variety of inspection tools including Area, Pattern Search, Multiple Search, Edge Angle, and Edge Width, Number of Edges / Pitch, Stain, Blob, Intensity, Trend Edge Position, and Trend Edge Width. On-screen programming menus guide users through simple setup procedures. Since no PC is required, even novice users can quickly and easily configure all of the powerful CV-2600 vision inspection tools. Newly developed ASIC technology enables ultra-high-speed, real-time rotational searches with a minimum speed of 61 ms.

The high-speed CCD combined with a LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) transfer method operates 2.5 times faster than conventional models thus opening up an expanded range of production line type applications. A high-quality image with less degradation than conventional analog transfer methods significantly improves measurement accuracy. The CV-2600 will average multiple images yielding stable, reliable data. Utilizing a combination of sub-pixel processing and digitized image data, the CV-2600 achieves high accuracy and repeatability down to 0.05 pixels. Sub-pixel processing allows the display resolution to be reduced to 1/1,000 pixel.

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Phil Melore Engineering Manager
Phone: 888-539-3623 ext 70703
FAX: 201-930-1883

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