Machine Vision Software works with digital cameras
Machine Vision Software works with digital cameras.
Machine Vision Software works with digital cameras.

November 15, 2001 07:41 - Sherlock 6.1 supports PC-Camera Link interface between image acquisition boards and standard digital cameras. Windows-based software package allows users to develop vision applications with no programming. It has library with hundreds of image processing, image analysis and machine vision functions. High-level adaptive pattern matching algorithms are available for search, OCR and barcode reading. Free demo version is available for download.

Sherlock and Camera Link Combine to Provide Innovative Machine Vision Solutions

Fieldproven, innovative machine vision software adds support for standard digital camera interfaces

Billerica, MA (November 5, 2001). Coreco Imaging Inc., leading developer of high performance machine vision products, today announced the latest version of the company's premiere software development environment for machine vision, Sherlock 6.1. Ideal for a variety of factory automation, inspection and verification applications in the automotive, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, Sherlock is a complete, Windows-based software package that allows users to develop sophisticated vision applications with no programming required.

Now supporting PC-CamLink, the company's latest high-performance digital PCI frame grabber, Sherlock provides machine vision integrators with the combination of innovative, field-proven software and standard, high-speed digital interfaces. "Sherlock is a powerful and practical programming interface that can be applied to a wide range of machine vision problems", said Steve Geraghty, Vice President of Operations, Coreco Imaging. "With support for PC-CamLink, integrators can now leverage the high performance and standardization benefits of Camera Link technology. Camera Link is quickly emerging as the interface of choice between image acquisition boards and digital cameras. Couple this with the power and ease-of-use that Sherlock provides and your machine vision solution is simply a point and click away."

In addition to supporting PC-CamLink, Sherlock 6.1 includes new features and incremental improvements, as part of Coreco Imaging's ongoing commitment to providing machine vision integrators with comprehensive, practical tools. In Sherlock 6. 1, for example, users now have the ability to include "in-line" Visual Basic Script code as part of their investigation. This powerful new feature allows user-defined computations and access to automation servers like Excel. Another feature, relating to line scan cameras, accommodates applications of variable length frames. This has the effect of significantly reducing acquisition time in applications that look at different sized moving objects. New algorithms have also been added, like "Interleaved 2of5" barcode and "Perspective Calibration". The latter provides compensation for distortion that occurs as a result of the camera and sensor planes not being positioned in parallel. Many other features and improvements have been included.

Comprehensive Vision Library Sherlock 6.1 includes hundreds of powerful image processing, image analysis and machine vision functions. High-level adaptive pattern matching algorithms are available for Search, OCR and bar code reading. These SMART tools can adapt to a wide variety of process variations while still providing fast, highly accurate results for demanding machine vision applications. Sherlock 6.1 also includes support for custom DLLs, a feature that allows users and developers to create their own vision algorithms in the form of "plug-ins" that can be called from within Sherlock.

Price & Delivery Sherlock 6.1 is available immediately. Quantity one price is $3,600. A FREE demo version of the software is available for download from Coreco Imaging's web site, This version of software will work forever on previously stored, bit-map images. For those who wish to collect and analyze images in real-time, a Sherlock license must be purchased.

About Coreco Imaging
Coreco Imaging is a leader in the design, development, manufacturing and manufacturing and marketing of hardware and software for high-performance computer vision applications, primarily in the medical imaging, machine vision and industrial inspection markets. The Company employs approximately 160 people and has operations in Montreal (QC), Ottawa (ON), Vancouver (BC) and Bedford (MA), with additional sales offices in Cleveland (OH) and San Juan Capistrano (CA). Founded in 1979, Coreco Imaging's success is driven by sound financial management combined with its commitment to the research and development of value- added products to serve the evolving needs of the computer vision market.

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